The first time I laid eyes on coats made by Marijke van Welzen I was blown away.

It was my first quilt show ever since I just started quilting. Those coats were PRESENT.

When I developed myself as a quilter I noticed I was drawn to art quilting, so I followed art quilt classes.

I kept following Marijke, and the minute I saw she was teaching a class in embellishing jeans, I signed up. It was as inspiring as I was hoping for. And, since I embellished clothes since I was about 12, it was so me.

After that, I followed a masterclass in her technique to make my own coat. I loved making it, and every time I wear it, people give me compliments.

So, you can imagine that when I heard about her exhibition in Leiden, showing off work made since she started doing this 20 years ago, I wanted to go. I went with my dear friend Mirjam, who is a big admirer of Marijke’s work, too.

The exhibition opened at 20-02-2020, at 13.00.

My friend and I were early. The friendly volunteer let us in at

When Marijke herself arrived, there was enough time for her to show us, and some other people, around the beautiful little museum. Although a little dark, her coats and quilts were placed in a gorgeous way, making use of every room in the house. With funny little elements like a mouse, a frog, all suitable with the coat exposed.

The tour started with her first quilt, that she made for her mandala drawing class. She felt the urge to combine her drawing with fabric, and did just that.

Every coat and quilt Marijke makes has a story, and she loves to tell about them.

I loved listening to her 😊

All of her coats are made with regard: to the theme she picks, to the fabrics, to techniques: she uses a lot of techniques from artquilting. It shows, all this intrinsic work she does pays off.

You can also see her development during these years.

Those coats all look like they will surround you as a warm, fitting pair of gloves in wintertime.

You can keep looking at all the details until your eyeballs are itching; so many beautiful details.

For instance, the buttons… I am a button girl… so when I saw these my jaw hit the floor.

They are made by Giny Metz, from Ginkyo. ( )

I made these pictures, and excuse me: I only had my smartphone with me; the lighting was a challenge that gloomy Dutch-weathery day.

When we went off, we got a little present, made by Marijke.

Mirjam and I felt very satisfied and inspired when we left.

So. If you do want to see spectacular textile wearable art, visit this exhibition.

Its available until the 19th of april 2020.


Love, Hilda Wessels