Holding quilting and various groups in the haberdashery in Sew Vintage in Wells, it’s nice to do a group project every now and then.  This is a change from the ladies working on their own projects and sometimes they get to try something new, therefore I’m always on the lookout for little makes that can be achieved in their 2 hours meet ups.

One particular Wednesday and during the afternoon group I remembered a bag of fabric that had been left in the shop for anyone who would take a shine to any piece were welcome to take home.  One piece in particular I knew who would like it as after all this time I’m quite good at knowing their likes and dislikes and what they enjoy making.  Just as I was about to hand over the fabric a challenge struck me, lets have an Upcycle challenge and make something that would be used by more than just the one person.

I chopped the piece of fabric up into various sizes and handed out to those who wanted to take part in a hoop art challenge thereby upcycling the fabric into a new lease of life.  A few were just happy to sit back and watch but 8 took on the challenge, 3 from the morning group and 5 from the afternoon group, there was no prize on offer just the looking forward to see what others would create and the hanging in the shop for a week or two on show prior to taking home. A 5 week timescale was given of when the hoops had to be back in completed and ready to go on show.

Well, the art that came back is fabulous, all very different and all extremely lovely to look at with one person who having never done an embroidery stitch before is totally smitten with the craft and is well on the way to making an embroidered tablecloth since the challenge.

Its great to see a small piece of the gold embossed fabric become many new items to treasure and display.

Sally, Elephant
Pauline, embroidered and applique flower
Pat, the one who’s now hooked
Kim, underwater and fisherman 
Sue, satin stitched all over
Sue, silk painted and gold rabbits
Gail, reversed hoop with spider and web.
Sharon, silhouette and crinoline