When we were asked to do the music themed quilts, it was all good fun.  There wasn’t a lot of pressure on us as it was all down to personal interpretation of the song.

So the Bloggers asked for another challenge.  Its great fun, and this time we were asked to create our quilt interpretation of a landmark place.    When it comes to famous places, the hope is that the place would be recognisable.

I am pleased to say that when I posted my finished quilt on my Facebook page, enough people recognised the place to make me feel I’d succeeded in the fulfilling the brief.

Did you guess Humber Bridge? I’ll forgive you if you didn’t, bridges seem to all blur into one after a while.

I used reverse appliqué for this quilt, a method I hadn’t tried before.  It’s not perfect, but it’s worked well enough for me.  Lessons have been learned for the next time.  All the fabrics came from leftover pieces of fabric and then I used free motion quilting to get the details for the clouds and water.  The struts and cable of the bridge where thread drawn.

Once I get some dowel, I can hang this on the wall, I’ve put hanging triangles on the reverse ready.  In fact, it looks a lot more realistic looking at it from a distance.

I can’t wait to see what our next challenge will be.


  1. Sue Burford

    What a great wall hanging! I like the fabrics used especially as they were scraps. I am glad you enjoyed doing this, it is good to learn new tricks. Recognised the Humber Bridge from your interpretation. I really liked doing mine too. Like you, I am looking forward to the next challenge. Home we have more of these Famous Places!