First of all let me just say these are Festive Hearts – So not just for Christmas but for any celebrations.

Machine Stitched Hearts

Sometimes a quilter just wants a quick fix. Something to make in an evening, an afternoon, a morning or an hour.

My Festive Hearts can give you that fix.

They are quick and easy to make.

Now these Festive Hearts are rather versatile. MAKE them in different fabrics for different occasions.

Obviously stars and Christmas fabrics. But heart or red fabrics for Valentine’s. Cutesy pastels for Baby Bunting, Any colours for Birthday Hearts, To name just a few ideas.

I’m always eager to find the easiest way to make things and the way I make these beauties up is quick and easy. In fact I think I should market most of my projects as Quick and Easy projects for fun! Because I’m always looking for the path of least resistance in my Quilting endeavours.

I’m using Cookie Cutters as templates. So any fabric scraps you have which are about half an inch larger than your Cookie Cutter will work.

And of course if you have nesting cookie cutters all the more fun can be had with different sized Hearts.

All you need are some basic supplies…..

I’m hesitant to call this a Stash Buster Project for two reasons.

1. They don’t use much fabric so are not likely to make much of a dent in your Stash.

2. In my experience, no matter how many Stash Busting Projects I make my Stash never seems to get smaller!

The video below shows how I make my Machine Stitched Hearts.

Hope you have fun making your own Stitched Hearts

Now you have enjoyed my Machine Stitched Hearts or if you prefer Hand Stitching, check out my Hand Stitched Hearts post here.

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