Having enjoyed three busy days at Festival of Quilts last month I attended eight workshops, two were half day workshops the others were hour long workshops. My friend and I have been admiring free motion sewing for many years, so we plucked up the courage to attend a few free motion classes. The tutors and assistants were amazing on all of these workshops. I had a few issues with the sewing machine but the assistant was amazing and explained to me what had caused the problem and how to avoid the issue occurring again. I gained confidence and the knowledge to feel able to have another go at home on my machine.

The tutors on all of these classes had slightly different pieces of advice and differing methods which was great, I found my way by trying all these techniques and deciding which I preferred.

I have looked into purchasing the correct foot for my machine from a discussion with one of the very helpful ladies and I’ve been admiring designs from some very talented free motion designers. 

We also attended a quilt as you go stocking and an eep Dresden plate workshop with sewing quarter, these were great, lots of support and equipment to use. I would highly recommend these workshops for next year. I’m slowly working my way through the projects to complete them, this is proving extremely enjoyable as I’m thinking about the fun we had at these workshops.