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  • rtvadmin

    This is an open forum to discuss any ways to improve this website, from suggested new content and features or just pointing out spelling errors, anything goes and any input is welcomed.

    Join in and let us know what you’d like to see included on this site

    We would love to hear about any ideas you might have or suggestions for new content for this site that we haven’t thought about.

    A spare two minutes spent posting in our improvements forum could see your idea included in the future.

  • Fiona

    Will you be doing free motion quilting especially for people like me too scared to try it

    • Sarah Wickett

      Hi Fiona, There are a few of us LA quilters that are also bloggers on the site that would be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding FMQ. I like many started quilting on my domestic machine. If you would like to see a blog om FMQ please feel free to ask.
      Sarah x

      • Sylvia Priest

        Check out the Blogger Central .. there are already one or two long arm specialists posting regular blogs on there, plus keep an eye out in the hints and tips section. We will let our team know this is of interest.

      • Lynda Jackson

        There are a good few Professional quilters on the site and who are doing blogs so I would think there will be plenty of information on ‘how to’ on this topic. I certainly intend to address it.

  • Yolly

    On the members page it would be good to be able to actually able to search members by name. There is a search bar on the page, but it is for the site in general not for members. Or alternatively you could have letters under the sort by box, so you can at least start from the letter your looking for. Hope that makes sense?

    • Sylvia Priest

      Hi Yolly

      we are working to add this improvement to the search functions at the moment

  • Fiona Wollaston

    An About page would be really useful to help people understand the purpose of the site, how it differs from the Facebook site (and partners with it), and also who is responsible for the website (credibility).

  • Sarah O’Hora

    Hi – it all looks fantastic, and I’m sure you will iron out any wrinkles in time – One factual error – Strawberry Fayre in Chagford has ceased trading and closed down due to retirement after 40 years.

    • Sylvia Priest

      Thanks for the comment Chris. We will ask our bloggers to take up this challenge.

  • Wendy Watts

    An index page to the blogs may be useful. They’re easy to navigate at the moment but not sure how it will look when the bloggers make additional postings. They all look wonderful.

  • Sue Davey

    Question for Admin – would it be possible to put our Quilting Group onto the website under groups. We have our own website and I would like to connect to this one if possible please. It would also give other members who live in our area the chance to come along and join our group. Thanks Sue Davey

  • Samantha Jones

    How do I add an image to my members section?
    I’m into art quilts and work in the committed to cloth studio would you be interested in a blogger for art quilts? I’d be happy to give it a go I’m just setting up my own blog http://www.beneaththeseams.co.uk
    I’d be happy to give it a go.
    Well done with the site.

  • Jan62

    Hi. How do I contact you as I ordered 2 UKQU badges but have only received one.

    • Sylvia Priest

      You need to speak direct ot the seller about missed orders, and in this case its Juliet Nice. She can be found on UK Quilters United FB Page, or send her a PM from her shop on here.

  • Chris Mcgregor

    I would love to see someone compare some of the different waddings available, with photos. The photos on here are so clear we could get a sense of the difference between them unlike the photos on shop sites where they all look the same. I know it’s a very personal choice but I would find it interesting.

  • Nina

    Having opened a shop on the website last night, I’m thrilled to see that I’ve already had a few downloads (after all the patterns are for free, and we all love that!). Looking in my Seller’s Dashboard, all of the orders are listed as ‘Processing’. Shouldn’t this automatically be set to Completed, Processed, Done or something similar? After all the pdf is automatically available to the purchaser?

  • Cathryn Brown

    Hello, enjoying the site, couple of ‘things’. I find it loads very slowly for me. I have slow broadband but I’ve compared it to other sites and it seems to be site related. Probably too vague for you to help at all so my next question is – can you do anything about identifying each bloggers post to them? They’re great but I am trying to follow just a few (I should be sewing not reading!) and as more and more are added finding the ones that are particularly interested in to see if they have written new posts seems to be getting complicated. Now this might be me as I am not yet used to the format and how things work. How do I ‘follow’someone and get their updates? Thanks

  • Sally Swindells

    I seem to gravitate to the blogs but would appreciate a name or pseudonym at the head of each so I know whose blog I am reading. At the moment it is difficult to continue reading a blog I have found I like and is a bit of a ‘lucky dip’!

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