In my last blog I mentioned that, as I got the end of making and writing up the Picket Fence, I thought of a different way to create a fence panel …. So here goes, a Garden Fence to grace any flower garden. The beauty of both of these ‘fences’ is that you can make them as long or as short as you want them to fit any project. And .. guess what .. by the time I finished writing this I added another ‘fence panel’ – this is shown later in the blog. Once again these are really quite quick to make, especially if you cut all the pieces out in advance and have a monster ‘sewing’ session to make them up!

Fabric Requirements: At least 8 border blocks can be made from one White fat quarter and 6 border blocks from one Brown fat quarter.

For each 12½” border block cut 17 Brown strips and 17 Green strips using the measurements below.

Place the Green strip at right angles to the Brown strip and draw a sewing line diagonally as shown.

Sew along the diagonal line and PRESS the seams open – you can ‘chain’ stitch these together if you wish.


Now SEW the fence stakes together using a quarter inch seam (¼”). I would suggest making enough to fit each 12½” border block and adjusting as necessary at the end of each full border

Don’t worry if your seam stitching is not very accurate – you can always add another strip if needed or take one away!

Another Garden Fence

Now for another slight variation on the ‘fence’ theme. You can make fencing like this by simply reversing the diagonal of every other ‘fence stake like below: You can use the same measurements as the Garden Fence above and the same fabric requirements apply.

The template to use is here

So we now have two more FENCE BLOCKS to choose from for the Border for your quilt.

Don’t forget to check out my first blog, Picket Fence Border Block, for more ideas. My third blog will be for the Corners of the fencing blocks, a mini TULIP block measuring 4½” x 4½” square.