Get out of the box.

Get out of your comfortzone.

We hear it all over the place. It is supposed to be good, and healthy, and challenging.

But whatever, we do have our favourite colors, our favourite fabrics, designers, right? And we quilt for fun, right? Well, that is right. And I KNOW what I like. And, if you follow my blogs, you know what I like too! I like warm colours; orange, yellow, greens, purple.

Not black. Or grey. And I don’t like maths. Or mathematic-style quilting. That does have a reason; I have dyscalculia, and I have a TOTAL lack of logics. I love organic shapes. Nothing too straight.

But then this sweet former collegue of mine retired. I love her to pieces: she was of major importance for me in a very dark and vulnerable period. She is straight forward, very much, does not keep her opinion for herself ever, but her heart is very much in the right place…

Well then, this dear friend retired. She got a farewell party in my vacation so I didn’t get to be there. For her party she asked for a contribution for the dementia organisation: her mother suffered from that mean disease. I did that. And offered her a quilt. She LOVED the idea. Aspecially since she was getting a brand new appartement.

When I asked her for colours and style she said, black, grey, white, and ONE colour was allowed. A bit sparky and shiny was allowed too. And please, straight lines since they would get a very tight, modern interior.

OK. There goes my box. There goes my comfortzone. But I took the challenge…

And MY OH MY I loved making it to my very own surprise! I did have greys: I collect fat eights from Moda Grunge. I had a beautiful piece of black silk too. I started sketching in lines, but… bah and nèh.

Then I remembered the tangram.

So mathematical, straight forward, yet playfull…

That was my start. I made a paper tangram from 40 x 40 centimeters, cut it up in the 7 pieces, made my fabricchoices, a colourcomposition and sewed them together. Then the layering could begin: I took another piece of paper from 20 x 20 centimeter, and did the same thing.

I made a composition that I liked, and used the needleturn appliqué method to make it look like they were just laying there.

I really loved the effect of the colors, the mathematical shapes. YES, really! I did!

Them the quilting started and for that I had to buy some grey and silver yarn; didn’t have those 🙂

I quilted straight lines, suitable with the shapes.

That accentuated it perfect, I thought.

In the meantime, Facebook was my biggest friend: my retired friend posted a LOT about decorating her new appartment. The flooring (grey), the kitchen, the new couch, AND… a new chair. Vibrantly red! HA! I thought. There’s my third subtile layer of tangrams!

So, I took my vibrant red embroidery-yarn, took another paper, this time 15 x 15 centimeter, cut the 7 pieces, drew them where I liked them, and voilà!

Me happy!

Some details:

I just love it. Every part of it. The way the colours combine, how the shapes work together, the black silk…

The quilting, and that extreme contrast with the red embroidery.

Loved to design and make it, to my very own surprise. Now I just have to bind it, and them it can find its place. So curious about her reaction…

So, people, can I challenge you? To get out of that box? To get out of that comfortzone?

Surprise yourself! It’s so cool!

Love, Hilda