I was really excited to try these things out as I have lots of applique quilts planned. I read the instructions that came with the Goddess Sheet and gave it a first go, well I can tell you that using freezer paper to trace the design on and fuse does NOT work with Misty Fuse – considering how fine Misty Fuse is it is very strong.

Re-read the packet again and promptly ordered some ‘parchment paper for baking’.

The first step was to trace the image you wanted onto the parchment paper using a HB pencil with light fabrics or a white prisma colour pencil for dark fabrics. The Goddess Sheet which is a Teflon sheet folded in half, the top right corner is curved so you can identify the inside and outside to avoid getting fusible transfer by accident which can happen when using a flat Teflon pressing sheet if you forget which way up you have been using it.

Open up the Goddess Sheet and place the traced item pencil line side up, place a piece of Misty Fuse over the top of the parchment paper and then lay your fabric on top, right side facing up. Then close the Goddess Sheet and press with a hot dry iron, open up the sheet and carefully peel off the parchment paper. You should be left with the Misty Fuse adhesive adhered to the fabric with the pencil outline on the reverse ready for you to cut out the shape and fuse to your backing fabric.

I am impressed with the Misty Fuse, it is very strong yet light and does not make the fabric as stiff as other fusible adhesives, I’m looking forward to using it in future, it also comes in black for use with dark fabrics. The Goddess Sheet works well and the cut out helps you keep the placement of the sheet the right way up, the RRP is quite high and it doesn’t really add anything over a basic Teflon sheet which you could fold in half and round off one corner.