In some ways, it doesn’t seem like a year ago that we first went into lockdown.  Although I was still working, there seemed to be a promise of extra time to fill.  Along with many, I had good intentions of having a lockdown project, something I didn’t normally have time to do.

My project was to sew covers for one of my sofas.  They had worn thin and were beyond using.  The problem was, I had this brilliant idea of creating patchwork fabric.  I ordered some fire retardant calico as the base and got to work cutting 4 1/2″ squares from recycled table cloths, napkins and leftover fabric from previous projects.

I’d underestimated how long it would take to cut the fabric and then sew it together and then it didn’t help that I got busy.  I had squares and four patch units in various stages lying over the table for weeks.  Weeks went into months and we came out of lockdown and then, lockdown happened again.  I was determined I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to get the cover finished.  I didn’t want the crisis to end without something to show for it.  It was time to get some serious sewing time in.  Once I got started, it wasn’t too long before I had enough squares joined together to sew to the calico.  Now it was time to create the pattern pieces.

I always use lining wallpaper for pattern pieces.  This meant that I could draw diagrams of where the pieces fitted into the cushion cover and the sizes.  This is particularly important as I will need to make two covers.  Once the pieces were cut from the fabric, it was time to get out the overlocker and join all the pieces together.  At the end of each stage, I checked to make sure there were no hole in the seams and that both the calico and patchwork had been sewn in.

Before adding the zip panel, I took the part made cover home to check the size.  I was so relieved that it fit.  The zip panel went in and then the bottom layer.  As we entered the third lockdown, I could say I had completed the first cushion cover.

Now, I need to create some more fabric to have enough to create the second cover.  As I’ve been side tracked with other projects, I may get the second one done by the time we come out of restrictions in the summer, but I’m not promising anything.

How have you got on with your lockdown projects?  Why not share them in the comments, I’d love to see them.

You can see how the project came together on my YouTube Channel.  You can watch the series here