Chocolatier BOM
Gravity BOM

I blame UKQU for me joining these two BOM – somebody posted a picture of the Chocolatier quilt on one of the UKQU facebook pages, and it called to me instantly. Then I saw the Gravity BOM – and I had to have that one as well. I am becoming a seasoned BOMer – I’ve been doing them for about 8 or 9 years now, and I know that if I see a quilt I like, I need to sign up to the BOM, so that I get to make the quilt.

Fabrics with the colours labelled
The colour chart

I was very glad to sign up to these two BOMs, as the colours are just my style – lovely and bright. I was delighted and surprised when I got my first package. It arrived in a good sized cardboard box, which gave it a sense of grandeur. I opened the package, and it did not disappoint at all – in fact, it was better than I could have anticipated! During the first month I received the Gravity Pattern book, containing all the patterns and templates needed. The fabrics were packaged in a cellophane bag, with a label, assigning each of the fabrics a letter and a colour. If this were not enough, there was a colour chart included as well.

The original pattern
The colour pattern for the purple stitches version of Chocolatier – the centre section includes swatches of the fabric used

For the Chocolatier BOM the package included the pattern for the blocks, the fabrics – again packaged in a cellophane bag with a label, assigning each of the fabrics a letter and a colour – this matched with the order of the fabrics in the bag. In addition to this, there is a rainbow cutting and piecing chart; this sheet contains that notes on the modification purple stitches had made to the original colourway. There is also a little swatch card on the side of the sheet, to help to distinguish the fabrics.

This attention to detail is very welcome, as it can be difficult to match up the colours in BOMs (as I mentioned in a previous review). All of the items in the package help to make these BOMs a delight to make.

But hold your horses – there’s even more yet! Each month, purple stitches includes bonus features; with Chocolatier there are 1” diamond paper pieces and Japanese floral fabric, to make a 3D Moravian Star Ornament. With the Gravity BOM there are 1” hexagon paper pieces and Japanese Floral fabrics – to give us a hand-sewing project to see us through the weeks until the next block arrives! As it this were not enough, there is another extra each month; in the first three months I have received: freezer paper, GEasy Ruler Sticker, Counting Confetti (an in-house quilt pattern), handmade needleminder, Bobbini bobbin holder, Tulips bobbin clamps.

Bobbin holders and bobbin clamps
Hexagons and fabrics

As you can see, there is a lot included in these BOM, and the extras are something special – notions that I may not ordinarily use, but I get the chance to try them out without buying a whole set – I can see whether they suit my way of working.

For the Gravity BOM you can use make your own templates from template plastic, using the templates in the book; alternatively you can use 2 rulers to cut the shapes (Hex n’More and Super SideKick – they need to be bought separately). These rulers make cutting the pieces needed very easy.

These two BOMs are a joy to receive each month, and I look forward to discovering what new goodies arrive each month; they are well worth the money, and the attention to detail is a joy to see!