Having our Grenfell quilt story featured in UKQU website News, I have also been invited by Sylvia to join the  Blogging community. Therefore I’m going to use this opportunity, to give an overall update, my first Blog entry-:which is also my first time writing a Blog.

Since I first wrote a Biog (fb/ grenfellmemorialquilt) about the Grenfell Memorial Quilt Hanging a lot has happened, regarding the progress of the making of the Quilt, bringing more awareness to the Grenfell cause and the Quilting Bee.

Having set up the Quilting Bee to accommodate the growing group of volunteers that were assembling in my very small living room space.


 We have now managed to secure a new space in the Latymer Church Community Center to start in January 2020 and will be sharing the space & time with the already formed Art & Craft group. They have kindly welcomed us to join them. We are most grateful and happy to do so especially that some of the group are looking forward to contributing to the quilt too.

Securing a permanent location for us to hold our Quilting Bee proved to be difficult for several reasons because I would like to achieve a goal which is to create a huge Memorial quilt for Grenfell which expresses not only our grief, love, condolences, defiance and celebratory messages but our diverse community- which we hope to achieve this by the use of mixed textures, colours and patterning. Hence wanting to create it with donated fabrics only.

Moreover without the need to apply for funding, and not wanting to get bogged down with bureaucracy or late nights form filling ticking boxes when all that precious time could be used creating, healing and being in the moment processing emotions & feelings. Which I strongly believe I could not have gained these benefits or be able to share in the aforementioned benefits by being consumed with having to apply for finance for renting space & materials.

As an Artist creating with meagre tools and materials goes with the territory as far as I’m concerned, I’ve made my best work with simple means and will continue in that vain regarding the GMQH.

Therefore I’ll continue putting out calls for donations for fabrics and sewing materials to grow the quilt,as these donations are a huge part of the beauty of the quilt which is an all inclusive community fabric art project.


At this point I would like to thank all those that have sent in wonderful fabrics & materials and all those that have contributed their hand/machine sewn pieces or contributed by helping to grow the quilt blocks overall, either by sewing, embroidering,designing, selecting, ironing, washing and cutting. There are many ways to contribute and like all groups different people come & go and with each person adding their own individual contribution it has been most rewarding in more ways than one.

The quilt has gained more exposure to help bring awareness to the Grenfell cause and fight for Justice.

We have been featured in QuiltFolk.com along with being interviewed by Eddie Nestor MBE on his Drive time show ‘Good News’ feature for BBC radio 1.

Plus we were filmed by BBC London which was aired on the London News.


  1. Maggie Attfield

    Welcome to this wonderful blogsite! I really enjoyed your lovely, sad blog. Community is what this group is all about, and it was so heartwarming to read. So many good things start small, and grow. You are to helping to ensure they are never forgotten in this Soundbite and Celebrity world, as is right and just.

    1. Tuesday Greenidge Post author

      Maggie Thank you for your kind welcoming message. Yes though I’m new to the site I’m finding it a pleasure getting to know and understand the wonderful Quilting community members through their work and stories. I love it.