Today I took Sarah, a non-quilter (yes I confess she was) along to the new Grosvenor Show in Newark to see what this brand new Exhibition had to offer.

We had thought about whether it was worth a day out of the office [as a quilter I didn’t need a second asking of course] but in the end we decided we would go.   Even on a cold and damp January morning.

Well, what a surprise.   I have been to several of these shows, and last year there were several grumblings about the stallholders and the manner in which the quilts were displayed.  I defy anyone to lodge grumbles this year.

We were met by smiling faces all around right from the start and we met Yvonne, Mel and little Pippa, three generations of a Quilt family from Hull — they start them early up North!

Lots of fabrics stalls, which cheered me up no end.   The quilts really were amazing, and there will be lots of those to see on the UK Quilters United Facebook Group.    I have to show you these tiny quilts from Penny Howe .. the Travelling Quilter from Doncaster.     One or two of you might know her already.

But there were much more than that.  Some of the specialist stalls were really interesting, like these specialist, rare vintage silk thread from Linladen.

One stand really caught my eye, but for a different reason altogether.    Sian, from Cotton Orchard was demonstrating her quilt frames, but as we chatted she mentioned her trip to Iceland to raise funds for a little girl with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.   [some of you might know of my Husband’s illness]   She had a section of her stand dedicated to the Noak’s Ark Children’s Hospice Challenge.   Sian aims to sledge 250KM driving a team of lively Huskies across the Arctic, with no facilities, no toilets, only a tent and the elements, cooking meals in temps below zero right up in the Arctic Circle.  Just an ordinary day for a quilter (I don’t think so you!).

It was lovely to see meet some of our own Bloggers there too, like Vendulka from Oliven and Fiona from the Quilt Sandwich

If you have two or three hours to spend this weekend and want to enjoy the lovely quilts then I suggest you go.  Its easy to reach, and its almost next door to Lincoln with all its attractions.   The aisles were wide enough, the people friendly and the quilts were just fabulous.    There’s a coffee shop to park your non-quilter companions whilst you browse the stalls, and if you look carefully bargains to be had too.  A brilliant Exhibition in my  opinion.  [and before you ask, yes, I did buy some fabric.  I would not be a quilter if I didn’t would I)


    1. Sylvia Priest Post author

      Thanks Abigail. Yes, I think she did. She could not believe how many people were there and how fabulous the quilts were. I am thinking of taking her along to see Harrogate next month as well. We will turn her to the quilty side before much longer.