Last year as part of a stitching group I belong to, we did a travelling journal. We started with a blank book and put a piece of work into it. Then it got passed along to the next person on the list. This ment each month you gave a little piece of work away, but when your book arrived back it was full of beautiful work. I actually did two each month. Both exactly the same, this enabled me to keep one and have a record of what I had done. I also use only what it in my stash.

I started with a Gulliver, then very quickly found each month he just had to be recorded. My book came back to me last year and I have carried on adding Gullivers each month. It’s a lovely record of what he/and I have been up to.

So far this year, we have been on holiday. Gulliver became a bit of a diva lying on his sun-bed, clicking his fingers at the waiters . I made sure what he was ordering was non alcoholic . We don’t need to go there! I soon had to put a stop to it pretty sharpish as I was not making a rod for my own back! Haha.

His diva really came out when we went to a Cabaret show at Moo Moos, hosted by an array of Thai Ladyboys. It was such fun, and they were so beautiful. Until I spotted that Gulliver had vanished, turned around and there he was strutting his stuff on the stage. Not sure who got the biggest round of applause


Once home he went into hibernation it was so cold. Until I told him it was Steampunk weekend here in Whitby. I’m sure he’s got his own dressing up cupboard somewhere. He was the first to join in. If you don’t know what Steampunk is, it is an offshoot of Goth weekend. They look back to the Victorians and their idea of science fiction and how they thought we might be living. So everything is brown and full of cogs and mechanical workings. They also love to take tea. We watched tea duelling. Something to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Gulliver was happy strutting his stuff. Not sure what he will be up to next. We will have to wait and see.



    1. Judith Clarke Post author

      The books are 8×8 blank sketchbooks. Yes finished appliqués, some quilted. The book is getting very fat now. Struggling to close it. There’s not a lot of text, just a reminder to myself of when they were done, why and the materials.