November’s Charity Work

I’m a charity shop-aholic, I’ll admit it to you lot but not to the husband who is always telling me I have a problem!

My love of charity shops all started many years ago, having 3 daughters, hefty mortgage and with money very tight and in a day when bargains were easier to find than today. Saturdays would see the husband go off and play football for our small town, leaving me and the girls to entertain ourselves, on those games where he played near shops he would drop the 4 of us off and we would trawl the charity shops looking for egg cups for Lauren, pigs for Abbey and tortoises/turtles for Courtney, this was their collections and dad would have a guess at how many would be found until his return to pick us back up.

I volunteered for 5 years in a local charity shop when the girls had flown the nest due to finding my Saturdays lonely. I only did a morning shift and can, without fibbing, tell you this voluntary lark of mine cost me a lot of money!

Here we are all these years later and I cannot pass a charity shop with at least a little dive in and out to satisfy my craving. These days though I spend my time hunting for myself and my hobbies. Anything sewing related or knitting find me having my ‘fix’ and enjoying the find whether I buy or not.

The finds aren’t always that great; you have to visit many a shop to come away with just one great treasure. This month I have been logging my finds to enable me to report my purchases and also show the bits that I didn’t buy and hopefully would be someone else’s great find.

There are many items out there but not always what you would use or bother buying but it’s still great to find things related to your hobby. It’s surprising how many people mention something they are looking for and I am able to find for them or point them in the direction where I’ve seen their want.

Cushion pads are a great cheap find, I buy the cushion and remove the cover once paid, handing back the cover and leaving with just the pad. This way I have my pad and the charity can sell the cover separately and raise more money than expected.

A king-size quilt covered in lace £4.99, stripped of all its lace resulted in 10 buttons, 10 metres of cotton crochet lace in 2 widths and 3 metres of organza ribbon.

A £4.99 ladies Christmas dress, cut and re-stitched made a perfect Mrs Christmas outfit for my 3 year old granddaughter for her playgroup play. Just had to add a bit of 25p lace that was also found in a charity shop at a different day and place many moons ago. I just knew it would come in handy for something!

Wicker bottle basket, I adore baskets and will admit to having a problem with, in that I cannot not buy them. This one was £4.50 and if you are careful you are able to remove the wicker dividers. I use baskets for all my toing and froing to different groups, shopping, storage etc.

Painted fabric wall hanging £5.50, I found this in Paignton during a weekend away. Plans are to cut it down slightly and to do various different patchwork blocks around the outside and turn back into a wall hanging.

2mtrs of cream on cream fabric with a little piece cut from the corner, £2.00, pencil case £1, mug £1 and £3 for the picture,I have a little area in the hall I’m filling with rescued framed stitched works!

Two storage tins, these are so lovely and cost £3.00 & £2.00 thought about giving as a present, but they are now here to stay.

What I left behind


Thimbles, someone over the years collected all these, I did hunt for one in particular from these but they didn’t have the animal I wanted so these were left for someone else to enjoy. £1 each


Patterns, these were marked up as donation only, hoping those who wanted would put in a worthwhile donation for them.


Button pottery dish with lid £2.50, I just don’t have the room for it!



Tape measure bracelets, £1.00 each, I just know I wouldn’t be able to wear or keep one of these on even though I was tempted to buy one.



Decembers haul already started!!