Brought up in a family that has always had environmental concerns it’s only natural for me to try and not waste anything. I blame my mum. She was a quiet activist in her own way. She once lay down in front of diggers trying to dig up the local play park. So when I started quilting and my stash grew as everyone’s does (doesn’t it!) I started to worry about the odd bits that get left over. I can’t throw them away. I’ve enjoyed making hexi quilts in the past. Flowers and pictures. So it was quite natural for me to return to it, only this time much smaller. How small I hear you say? I printed out an A4 sheet of varying sizes and decided on the 1/2 inch. Scissors and pins for size comparison.

1/2 inch is actually quite small, what have I started? How much do I need around them? I think that may decide on the scrap. Don’t they look cute. The pins actually feel quite cumbersome with the hexis. I’m a bit fingers and thumbs. I’m sure I will get better and quicker.


So today I had my first session at our local U3A stitching group. That was the first time folks said ‘are you mad’. I explained my reasoning for doing what I’m doing. And they understood but muttered I wouldn’t do it whilst rubbing their eyes! It’s not that small really, is it?


I quite enjoyed it. I did find that there is a limit to how narrow the strip around the hexi can be. As you are getting down to individual threads within the fabric. That’s ok, that means I can use up more of those dratted  scraps. I’ve got myself a smallish bag to keep them all in and promised myself I will try and fill it before I start stitching them together. This might also depend on how many hexis I actually want to print and cut out before I start reusing those. Wish me luck.

Watch this space!