If you remember I’m making a quilt out of 1/2 inch hexis. A long term project I think. So every now and then I will update you. After a keen start here’s what I did after day 1.

I had 1 1/2 hrs at U3A sewing and another hour or so later that evening at Ammonite Quilters, my quilt group.

At the moment I am enjoying making them, also loving the little captures

Also at the moment I can tell you where every little bit has come from

The purple check is from my Daughters pyjamas, the dragon is from the knight fabric I was asked to review. I made a draught set for my grandsons, and the ladybirds are from my older daughters first quilt.

All Apart from these……

My good friend from my quilt group insists I stitch them together. From a bit of dress material I was given, they look like eyes, don’t they? ………..


I am a great coffee shop supporter. Well I do live in Whitby, the home of amazing coffee shops. I often sit and read in them and meet friends of course. We often knit and stitch together too. But this week has seen me take my hexis with me. Most days I can be found in one or another with the teeny tiny hexis scattered across the table. A great conversation starter and of course everyone has an idea for a project. At the moment the most popular is a dolls quilt, i think this is because they are so small. I’ve surprised myself at how quickly they are making up.  many more to follow .


I can still tell you where they are from, in this group are daughters pjs, other daughters top (around 18 yrs old) sons childhood shirt, left overs from a deck chair make for UKQU.

I’ve found a wooden box with divisions in it, and decided to keep them in colour groupings, you can see which are my fav Colours to use . Its my quilt group show this weekend. We have a work in progress table and I think I will put my box on it. I may even sit and stitch some if I get time.


And finally exactly one week since I started this project, Whitby has a beach sweep. And this is one of the reasons I started this project, reuse and recycle. So I went and helped with the beach sweep, and after we finished we went for a coffee so. Out came the hexis again…….


I even stitched in the hairdressers.

In total in my first week I have made 239 teeny tiny hexis.

Watch this space………