The more formal Floating Stones from last time are fun, but my tendencies are towards less precise and more accidental blocks, as you may have noticed

So, I had some nice little Japanese charm squares (5-inch squares) and some strips of Oakshott fabrics ruby reds in various widths.
I cut the charm squares into 1-1/4 inch strips…

I sewed the little strips to various red pieces, then cut again into 1-1/4 inch pieces like so – your sizes can vary as you wish, of course, and there is no reason why the “stones” have to be exactly square, of course – rectangularity is good too…

I pressed towards the reds, then sewed again onto strips – there is a lot to be said for just working your way along a long piece, but you will note that I put the pieces all possibly ways around. Press to the outer strip, turn, re-sew. Each time, sew the “stone” piece onto the new strip.

Keep pressing nicely each time (I go to the ironing table with a batch, and I find that audio books are a perfect accompaniment to this – I am listening to Ben Aaronovitch at the moment)

Keep going round. Don’t be too regular – some have one-each-side-then-one-each-end, some are more sort-of-log-cabin

Trim if needed to straighten a side


At this stage, you can trim all to one size if desired, and sew them together..
However, I didn’t do that….

Next time – integrating odd sizes