Hello all, this is my first blog, so a little bit about me. My Name is Jenny, and I have done sewing and crafting since I was a child, but I did not start doing patchwork still 2016. I was only piecing tops at first for a friend’s project, they were passed onto other people for quilting.

The first one that I actually quilted was only stitch in the ditch, I had seen lots of free motion quilting but knew I would not be able to do it. Where crafting is concerned, I am very OCD and I cannot do random I have to have everything planned before I start.

I was introduced to Westalee Rulers and purchased my first ones for Christmas 2016. At first, I had lots of issues and at the time there was not the amount of training classes that are available now.

So I did an on-line course via an Australian web site Punch with Judy, which really helped my quilting

This is the quilt I created on that course

Now I would say I am an enthusiastic user of Westalee Rulers as they allow me to create a wide variety of quilted patterns in a controlled manner and have collected a fair size collection.

I have so far entered three ruler quilted quilts in competition in 2018 /2019 but these were all done with plain blocks.

Festival of Quilts 2018 – The Scarlet and the Grey

Sandown 2019 – Bells of Saint Clements


Festival of Quilts 2019 – SewDoku

I have signed up for a new year long Design Club called Essence of Traditions, which has been created by Donna McCauley a Westalee Accredited tutor in the USA. Which is designed to use Westalee Quilting Rulers on traditional quilt blocks. This will be sent out in 4 mailings through the year and I have just received the fist mailing. I will be blogging my thoughts and progress through the year. My next blog will cover the first mailing and my thoughts on it. Plus the odd blog on some other Westalee projects I have in mind to do this year.