So, here we are, for the foreseeable future…

What are you doing to keep busy, quell anxiety, catch up? Or are you one of the heroes who have really shown us what community means? If so, I applaud every one of you! And well done too, if you are keeping away, avoiding carrying this modern-day plague on.

I decided to ensure I do something productive from the start. I definitely am not the one-woman factory I used to be, but I can still produce textiles.

Day 1 I made a postcard for a swap, and tidied my sewing table

Day 2 I made an embroidered patchwork teddy for a new great nephew. Sadly I only took a photo of it part done.

Day 3 I made up a pretty babycord Clothkits dress from a vintage pack I scavenged from a thrift shop. These popular clothes were preprinted on the fabric 30 or so years ago. My daughter wore lots as I was a working mum then, with less time.

Day4 I made cushions for my daughter’s settle. I delivered these last 2 to my daughter’s garage (to be left severely alone for a few days) as she lives on my walk route.

Day 5 I made face masks for my daughter and son in law, and face pads for me

Day 6 I traced and quilted half a wholecloth Kumiko Frydl miniature quilt, which has been terrifying me for a while. It doesn’t look much but it is less than 12” square!

Day 7 I quilted most of the rest of the mini.

Today, I shall be finishing it

…and then…cutting out fleece sweatshirts for my 4 grandkids, and then there are the cutting and sewing of my April blog quilt (come back later!), the half-complete Mackintosh quilt inspired by last year’s miniswap, the completion of my night sky block quilt, (not to mention the other half-done, re-done, un-done projects I have piled up,) planning for the new miniswap…

I love how new social behaviours have arisen. Walking in the road to pass people. A biker stopping 15 feet away with a cheery, “ Virus, yeah!”. The postman, for a change, playing Knock and Run! Queueing, which we always did well, becoming an art form! My son dropping off groceries on the doorstep at our home, his girlfriend’s parents’ home and her sister’s home, and getting back into the car, without a cup of tea, or even a hug.

The bad side of human nature, which we have seen, …we won’t dwell on.

Won’t it be lovely if at the end of all this, we all end up with heaps of finished objects for a change, and maybe, just maybe, start to value ourselves, those who make our lives possible and our world, a little more carefully in the future.

I shall be busy!

What about you? Are you managing, in between teaching the kids, caring for your family, working-if you have to, to do any patching or quilting?