Recently I was sent a pattern kit by Janet Clare to play with that has the instructions for a pin cushion, needle case, scissor holder and a project case.  This can be ordered from her website at a cost of £7.99.

When I first opened it I saw that it mentions charm squares to make the items but some of the sizes didn’t seem to work out to me.  I looked through all the instructions several times but it was only when I looked on the outer sheet of the pack that I saw it was mini charms that it is made from.  Something to be aware of as ‘mini’ is not mentioned anywhere else and I know we don’t all look on the back of packs.

I decided to do the project case but to be honest, a finished size of 5″ x 5.5″ is just not big enough for me to do anything with, and other than the other items in the pack I am not sure what I would fit in there as a project.  Also the scissors case is tiny though to be fair this is pointed out on the pattern sheet so only tiny scissors could be kept in it (2″ x5″).  So I decided to make the project case with full size charm fabrics. (using some that was left from another project so not in as many colours as you would find in a full charm pack by any stretch of the imagination).

So fabrics chosen I set to.  I found the instructions to be clear but I feel it does presume that you know how to nest the seams in order to ensure the points are accurate and you are referred to the first page for piecing instructions before you return to the project case sheet, but that is not a major problem.

In the pattern the finishing of the case is stitched by hand, but because I had made a larger one, I top-stitched it all together.  Also in the pattern a popper closure is added by hand but again because I had made it larger I added more sturdy press stud fasteners.  In the finish photo I have also laid on a corner finisher which would be a lovely touch if giving it as a gift.


In conclusion then I found it to be a nice little pattern set but the sizing for me is too small though I appreciate fully that these might just be the size that others are looking for, especially if you are travelling with your stitching and want a nice little set to take with you.    I made this one very quickly in a day as I didn’t have much time, and I have included a pair of glasses so that you can get an idea of scale an for me this is a more useful size.