Had a play on the Janome HD2200, something I don’t really do, usually only get to sample machines off before selling them, or too busy fixing machines to have a proper go, but this one intrigued me, frightens the life out of me too because of it’s sheer power of how much it can sew over in one go. I always stand back when Robb sew tests them because I keep thinking the needle will go flying out and pinging me in the eye!

So, here’s the nitty gritty on the machine, it’s a metal framed machine with a dual belt drive system.

Due to its incredible 7 piece superior feed system, it makes light work of sewing through 6 pieces of 14oz denim, leather and other difficult materials. Always using the correct needle for the job.

7 piece superior feed system


 Although we only used a domestic jeans size 16 needle for the video, it still demonstrates how easy it glides through thick fabrics.

The machine itself weighs in at approx 10kg, has 22 built in stitches and a 1 step buttonhole. Drop feed for free-motion embroidery, twin needle capability, fully mechanical which is great if you don’t want any type of computer machine, easy to select what you want with a guide for stitch/width suggestions. It does a maximum stitch length of 4mm, width 6.5mm and approx 900 spm (stitches per minute) Also includes a hard cover for all round protection.


From my experiences, it’s probably the strongest domestic machine around, and one we also supply to a lot of schools and colleges now.

Don’t take my word for it, go see it for yourself if you’re interested, take your material samples with and work it like a donkey! You can’t really judge a machines worth by seeing a demo,  you have to try it for yourself, see if you like it and if it will work for you and do what you want it to do, not what the person selling it wants it to do!

That’s me signing out for now, going to hunt down some more to try out!


  1. Tl

    How does this machine compare to the Heavy Duty singer models – 4423, 4432 etc? I am looking for the most powerful machine for the money as I may have to sew some very thick and unusual materials. Was thinking of getting a Singer but my local shop stocks this Janome model and associated accessories so I was tempted to get this one instead for slightly more money. Any thoughts appreciated – thanks!