Hello Everybody!

We’re in June, we’re on Block 5 of the Mystery Quilt and things are looking fabulous everywhere!!  There are some stunning blocks being made……some with kits that are looking a lot like the original quilt, including very wonderful stitcheries (far better than mine!)….. and some with your own choices of fabrics which are great fun for me to watch, as I have no idea what they’ll turn into, a mystery for me!

Useful for any quilter!  Although those taking part in the Mystery Quilt have a copy of the stitchery design within your pattern each month, I’ve had quilting templates produced, for those of you who fancy something a little stronger to be working with.  Each month there’s a new one to go with the new block, you’ll find them in my shop on this site……https://ukqu.co.uk/shops/abbieanne-store/

Here in Cornwall we have the county show underway, I just happen to live directly opposite to it, this brings many trials and tribulations and lots of good excuses for quilting!! YAY!!  My day so far has been one of many thoughts, I hope other people have similar thought patterns, I look at stuff and my brain takes off in all sorts of directions, I’m going to list a few things, thoughts, chain of events etc from early this morning until me sat here typing my blog……

Very early we had the, ‘Morning Campers’ tannoy announcements blasting directly across from our bedroom, this following an all night volley of horse kicking stables and neighing and horse box unloading and frantic grooming and sprucing of the horses in the early hours…. they look so wonderful all poshed up (riders & horses….could this be a quilt design or 3?)

(bathroom tiles…….a quilt design?)

…..breakfast…. I’m blindly gazing out of the window, scrambled or poached?  When something right in front of me moved, a baby rabbit munching merrily in the middle of the lawn outside my Quilting Cupboard, no doubt come across the road to avoid the horses and to find quiet munchies……(a quilt design or 2?)

We have 3 house cats, all 3 are stretched out around the old lean-to, just a few feet from the rabbit, not one has noticed or moved, although the rabbit is definitely watching the cats (and me!!)…….(a quilt??)

ooooow!….look at the water staining on the wood………..(a quilt!)

Breakfast over with, other strange thoughts including, I need coffee and how wonderful my hubby is….. I mentioned a new filter coffee thingy would be good, I like pots of coffee!  He ordered us a new maker, it has an insulated jug to keep the coffee warm, added happiness, I’ve just realised, it can come with me into my quilting cupboard!!!  (humongous amounts of bonus hubby points!)…….

Check facebook notifications, emails, website notifications……find our very own UKQU-ing Sylvia asking questions about my next, up and coming mystery quilt…… bugger!!!  I’m gonna have to write my blog this morning then………….

On the way to work (all 20m of it) I detour to check out the show view from the front garden and take pictures…. better feed the pond fish! ……quilt upon quilt design right there!  Fish already feature large in a lot of my design work.  The bright light today reflecting on the water and around the lillies…….abstract quilt joy right there!

Then more coffee and sadness, my favourite mug, Tommy Bahama, reminds me of the tragedies underway in Hawaii & Guatemala.   🙁    What they wouldn’t give for my slight inconvenience of a County Show……..

How lucky am I?  How lucky are we?  We all have stuff going on in our lives, we need to remember that.  We all react differently to life’s happenings, maybe we could all be a bit more understanding and tolerant of each other? ….. and then to work, the next quilt……. my next therapy session, for that is what quilting is to me and many…….

so (Sylvia), the next Mystery Quilt…….Ruby’s & Cream…..

Another of my ‘Scrap n Stash’ quilts.  Although I’m using Ruby’s & cream, this quilt will work in any 2 colour ways, maybe Navy & Lime?  Brown & Yellow?  Purple & Green?  (ooow!  Just had a thought, Multi & Black would look a bit good!!!?)

The background is pieced in one colour range, the design is appliqued over the whole quilt top in the other colour range…….

You’ll need lots of different fabrics, even just small scraps can be used up (or maybe not? we all think differently after all) .  Allow 1/2m for sashings and about 1m for a border if you like borders……. but both the sashings & borders could all be odd!!!   🙂      approx. finish size is 50″ x 70″ without borders.

This quilt can be made by machine or hand, or mix it up even?!  Within several of the ‘blocks’ (I use that term loosely) there will be design choices which will allow both beginners or experienced quilters flexibility of capability and technique choice.  As ever, I’ll be available for help & support throughout the making of your quilt.

This quilt will be available as pattern with instruction, fortnightly from mid-July if all goes to plan, I need to finish making it and get the patterns tested and written for you all,  (I will have some fat 1/8th packs available in ruby & cream to help supplement your stash if needed)

A big mix of traditional & modern quilting.  The design is from a painting of mine from about 15years ago, I won a national competition with it….       floral-ish! is all I will say.  But it will be different, as I hope all my quilts are.

Let me know your thoughts, message me your interest, your questions……..start sorting your stash!!

Happy Day everybody!  We’re all lucky in so many ways.      Abbie xxx


and just so you know…… here’s the fabrics for the one after Ruby’s & Cream!!!   Light weight denims & chambray’s I’m thinking Art Deco………..