Oh, what’s a girl to do when you’ve lost your sewing mojo……try and get it back of course!

Let me start at the beginning.

I store all of my fully made up quilts flat on the spare bed in the guest bedroom. It was my daughters 18th birthday in mid-December and she was going to have some of her friends sleeping over and needed the bed, how inconvenient!

I ended up moving all 30 quilts off the bed and placing them in my sewing room across the top of my cutting table. This meant that my cutting surface was out of use until after Christmas as the following week family would be arriving and the guest room would be needed.

My main sewing machine, a Singer, that I have had for almost 4 years and absolutely love, was poorly. As I was going away from 27th December until 4th January, I decided that 17th December was a good time to drop the machine off for repair and a service with the hope that it would be looked at, repaired and be ready for collection early in the new year, so this is what I did.

So now I didn’t have my cutting table or my main machine, luckily I do have other machines if I needed them but I had finished all of my Christmas projects so was pleased that for once all the planets had aligned in my favour, or so I thought…

Christmas came and went and on the 27th Dec my daughter and I headed off to New York for a week. A couple of days later I get a call from the repair shop (at 6AM NY time) to say that they couldn’t fix my machine and that it would need to go back to Singer, boo hoo. I got back from travelling and one of the first things that I did was to move all the quilts off my cutting table and back onto the spare bed in anticipation of getting my Singer back.

I spent a little bit of time cutting up some scraps ready for a few scrappy projects that I want to do. I also set up another machine ready to use but found that I had no quilting mojo and didn’t feel like sewing at all, but I forced myself to sit down and spend the day just sewing scrappy squares together, which I did enjoy and made good progress with.

I needed to make a quilt at very short notice and with a tight deadline due to unforeseen circumstances and I really struggled with making this quilt because not only was I sad for the person this quilt was going to, but I was without my Singer and didn’t want to use anything else.

I went to a sewing workshop with some ladies from the quilting group for a morning this week, and we were making small bags for a tombola stall and I did this quite happily and I have one more bag to make. But as soon as I got home, I didn’t feel like sewing again.

A few days later got a call to say how much it was going to cost to repair and I agreed the cost. On Tuesday of this week I received a text to say that the machine was ready and would be collected at the end of the week. Despite me contacting the shop to ask when I could collect it, I have not had a reply and now I’m really yearning for my machine back.

I finished the quilt that I was making but have not done anymore sewing, despite a huge box of scraps screaming at me to sew them up!

I know that if I don’t snap out of this mood that I will regret it as my busy time at work will begin in a month and then I’ll be doing long hours and will not have the time to sew apart from weekends until June/July.

So, with the combination of manically sewing in November and the first two weeks of December, to moving quilts and not having a cutting table, plus my favourite machine I seem to have lost my mojo.

Tomorrow I will take out some fabric and plan a new project. I will cut the fabric in preparation of sewing it when my Singer is back. Meanwhile I will continue sewing up my scraps on my spare machine as I think this will help me to snap out of my ‘lack of sewing’ mood.

I hope you guys are sewing up a storm in 2020.


  1. Maggie Attfield

    I find this happens too. My remedy 2 fold:
    * get out my scraps and sort into colours-that really gets my creatives going
    * if it hasn’t worked, sew crumbs if fabric together relatively randomly. I take bits out of the bag until one “ goes”, sew it to the last one and so on. No rhyme or reason, but….I am enthused!
    If nothing else I can trim up lovely crumb squares ready for the next time!

    1. Ami Richards Post author

      I got out my scrappy squares and just sewed them together in two’s then fours and I now have half a scrappy quilt ready to be joined up. Mojo is back, now I just don’t have the time, too busy at work!