I don’t know if it’s the Great British Sewing Bee effect or whether everyone is waking up to the environmental issues with regard to fabric manufacture, but there is a buzz about using scraps.  I’ve always been a fan of scrap quilts, probably because I never really had a great quilting fabric stash.  I always found the link between our female ancestors using up last vestiges of usable fabric to create comforting quilts with our craft of today quite humbling.  Recycling fabric in quilts definitely brings it’s own particular kind of satisfaction.  Many of our modern scrap quilts concentrate on using up fabric from other projects and it’s a far better way to use them up than to leave them languishing in a box or worse, thrown away.

Last year, I had a released a calendar that had a craft project for each month.  One month the project was a reversible apron, with patchwork on one side.  It was randomly pieced, but I loved the effect and it made me realise I wanted to make a scrap quilt.  It’s on my list of things to do for this year, dive into my fabric box, cut squares and join them together to make a fabulous quilt!

I know some people find would find the prospect of just randomly adding fabric together, but if you break it up with sashing, it just brings a bit of order into the process and gives a stunning effect.  This is what I’m doing with my year long project this year.

Running on my website, supported with emails, video tutorials and a Facebook Group, I’m hosting a year long Sampler Quilt Along.  It is the perfect quilt for using up fabric scraps.  The blocks started with the simplest block you can get, a square and each block is made up by adding one extra piece of fabric.  Our last block will be made up of twelve piece.  To frame our scrappy blocks, we are going to be uisng sashing and cornerstones to create a cohesive quilt.

It’s not too late to come and join in so dust off your fabric scraps and get started. It won’t take too long to catch up, and there will still be plenty of time to finish the quilt by the end of the year.  Our group is made up of quilters around the world, some are just starting on their quilting journey, others are more experienced, so there is definitely a place for just for you, I look forward to seeing you there.