Hooray….we are now in Summertime and we have beautiful summer days ahead of us.

 One Summer holds a special memory for me…Summer 2013.

We had moved to a new area and to meet new people I joined the local W.I. aptly named Brill W.I.They were a lovely warm group of ladies and some are still my good friends. I started a patchwork group and met twice a week at my home, where we laughed and cried together….and made quilts.

That year the National W.I. were running The Makower Callenge Competition, so spurred on by my group, I thought I’d give it a go.The theme was ‘Summer Days’…

You were asked to make a wall hanging and we were given a choice of certain Makower fabrics.

At the time I was in my mini mosaic mode, a technique I learnt by watching a Paula Doyle video.

I love the precision of the these 4″ blocks, some of the pieces are a fraction of an inch.

The next thought was how could I incorporate the minis into a quilt.

My thoughts turned to Gershwin’s song ‘Summertime’…

“Summertime, and the living is easy,

Fish are jumpin’ , and the cotton fields high.

Your Daddy’s rich….and your Mama’s good looking,

So hush, little baby, don’t you cry.”

This is my interpretation of the song, with a quilters theme…..

The letters were machined with a longer stitch, which didn’t show up very well, so I hand whipstitched each machine stitch to make bolder.

The little flowers were added with an appropriate little butterfly button.


I duly sent off my quilt to WI Denman College and a couple of months went by when I received a surprise phonecall to say I had won!

The presentation was going to be in the Cardiff Arena for the National Federation’s AGM, my youngest daughter, Sara, offered to drive me there. We were a little late on arrival, but crept into our reserved seats on the front row…. the whole arena was full to the brim.

There were two excellent speakers Griff Rhys Jones and John ‘ I’ve started so I’ll finish’ Humphreys.

Next, were the presentations, I was feeling a bit nervous and a little excited… and very relieved I didn’t trip up on the stairs.


Afterwards everyone crowded round the front of the arena to view the best entries.







 One of the judges commented “We judges have a sense of humour!”

The ever charming John Humphreys obliged with a photo…and I was a little embarrassed.


My little quilt toured all over the country exhibiting at all the Grosvenor Shows, ending up at the W.I. Denman College where the winners were displayed up the stairway. 

I eventually received my fabulous prize of a Husqvana Quilt sewing machine and some fabric.

 The whole day was a wonderful experience and I am so pleased Sara was there to ‘hold my hand’.



  1. Jennifer Grist

    Thank you Lynn for this interesting post, both from the point of view of the process involved in making the quilt and for the story of the award ceremony. (It’s easier to leave a comment when I get the log-in details right!)