Although most of the Members of the UKQU, there are a few Newbies who may not have made a Fabric Postcard. So, I thought I would share my Birthday Card Postcard which I have made for my No 1 Grandson!

What you need:

A design – this could be a Theme determined by the Admin of the Postcard Swap Group, or a personal design.

Fabric, for the front of your Postcard. Sizes are normally 6 x 4 inches or 5 x 7 inches – your choice.

White fabric for the back of your Postcard (where you can write your message, and name and address of the recipient.

Small pieces of fabric to match your design.

Iron on fusible mesh.

A piece of stiffening, could be card, stiff iron-on Bosal or similar. I have used the Bosal which sticks to your fabric when hot ironed to the back of your fabric.

Any embellishments to enhance your Postcard.

What I did:

First I printed off a ‘free’ print of numbers and chose a 2 and 0. I ironed the numbers on to the Fusible mesh and fixed them the the back of a piece of fabric for the age 20. I cut out the numbers and then ironed them on to the front of the brown hessian fabric.

I stitched round the Hession with a zigzag so the edges didn’t fray. I then fused the Hessian to the front of my Postcard fabric, zigzagged round the numbers and then straight stitched through the two layers.

I placed the Postcard fabric onto one side of the Bosal, and using a hot iron, pressed down hard. I then turned the Postcard over and placed the white cotton fabric on the Bosal and again pressed hard with the hot iron.

If you don’t have Bosal and want to use stiff card, then you can stick the fabric to the card using either a hot glue gun, fusible mesh or pva glue.

Once the layers are all sealed together, I trimmed the Postcard to the correct measurement. I then closely zigzagged the edge of the Postcard, all the way round.

I hot glue gunned my embellishments on to my Postcard but you can sew them if you prefer. The card is then ready for your message and/or the name and address of the recipient.