I am particularly drawn to beautiful bright colours and was delighted to be asked to review these lovely fabrics from Makower.

This is Makower’s new range Kimono and it is full of vibrant colours in 100% cotton.

Cranes… fans… hexis …kanji…flowers are all part of these gorgeous designs.

The quality is up to Makower’s standard and delightful to work with.

The combination of oranges, purples and greens with the contrast of black works really well together, there is a subtle glint of gold which enhances these fabrics.

I couldn’t resist trying out some new patterns to showcase the different fabrics and made this little coffee table runner….


I was also in need of some new cushions so took advantage and made these too…pattern will be released shortly.

There are also a few free patterns on their website.

In summary these fabrics are just beautiful and this range will be available in the shops in August, and I feel they will be snapped up very quickly.