I was sent some super cute mermaid fabric Merryn, designed by Diane Rooney for Makower UK to review. I got a layer cake square (i.e. 10″) of each of the nine fabrics in the range and some white blenders from the Makower UK Essentials Range to play with.

There’s a large print, a smaller print, 2 background designs, a stripe and 4 blenders, in 100% quilting cotton.

Here’s a closer look at the main print

So I had a play! Because of the cute prints I didn’t want to cut the pieces too small so settled on a HST design. The squares weren’t exactly square (as they are samples not proper layer cake slices) so I partnered them with a white square and sewed a seam round all four edges. I used a 90deg triangle ruler to trim them into triangles.

A little playing around with layout, and the main print I’d kept for the centre. It needed a small white border to be the same size as two HSTs together.

I know, it looks really scruffy like that! It scrubs up good though, bit like me 😉

Tahda! My finished top. It’ll stay like that until I find it a new owner, (and I learn to free motion quilt). I put it in the ‘Grandkids’ box – basically it’s a box of kids print stuff that my two teenage boys are too old for and so will go to their kids one day. Or I’ll donate it to Linus or something if I don’t get any grandkids. But I better, grrr!! Their dad has had 4 boys total, no girls, so  I hope there’s still some girl DNA available!! Tradition says this is a girly quilt but I don’t believe in that so if a boy likes it I’m good with that 🙂

Super cute, and that was fun!

Diane Rooney, the designer of the Merryn range for Makower UK introduces herself in Quilting News here.  Both the Merryn and Makower Essential ranges are in the shops now.