Welcome to “Mildred’s Marvellous Wonderful World of her Meandering Musings!” Mildred is my bright blue Citroen who used to be driven by my late 93 yr old mother.

Mildred is a bit like me ….getting on a bit, strange shape, usually reliable and has attitude with a capital kick ass “A” …. Mildred is more than somewhat grumpy at the moment … She has gone nowhere since her driver got “Shielded”. Mildred is beyond Grumpy as she hasn’t moved now for 15 months, no jolly jaunts or adventures that I could blog or write about as her “Marvellous Meandering Musings”. I am fed up her glaring at me through the front window saying….. “Where are all these promised “Marvellous Meandering Musings” then?” … so OK Mildred just for you I will try a bit harder.

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So back to the blues…. I love Shibori fabrics, especially the ranges that Moda have produced from the designer Debbie Maddy.

 I had successfully made a quilt using another Moda range using Jenny Sloane’s Missouri Star tutorial “Double Slice” for the Grenfell Towers Disaster appeal for Quilts. I sewed this one on an old Singer 201 hand crank in my garden. Great tutorial from Jenny online

So of course I knew how to do this pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company…….. yeah right….. NOT …..

Nice sunny day in the garden. Shibori layer cake laid out on our repurposed garden table …. (It was free locally for collection as an ex dining table…Repurposing was sloshing on some exterior varnish… not bad 3 yrs later, but a bit warped now so looking for another free local replacement!”).

So big table, sunshine, cutting mat, rotary cutter, rulers, a great Moda Shibori Layer Cake, what could possibly go wrong? The only missing component or tool was my BRAIN…..

Sit in the sun and slice…. the whole layer cake into 3 1/2” and 6 1/2” slices…… WELL about  half way through the layer cake for some bizarre reason, the rest turned into 4 1/2” and 5 1/2” slices!

That’s when the fun started, or not, well not here for certain ….

So if I have 1/2 ish of a layer cake cut wonky, do I just give up or find a way out of this disaster. Simples I will just buy another identical layer cake and make the same “mistake” again.

So “All Sorted?” Nopes! You have no idea how long it takes to sort good slices from naughty slices and match them to the ones that went wrong! Eventually it was sorted so now enough for 2 quilts. Random layout now needed.

Have you genuinely ever tried “Random” …. I wish it was as simple as running through a cornfield or grass meadow flinging quilt blocks as you romp, but it isn’t. Now I like playing Mahjong, even the difficult ones, but doing a “Random” in a range that has several shades of blue in the same pattern is challenging! No that can’t go there… same design but different hue…. No that can’t go there same hue but different design!

Well it did get done in the end, backed with Moda Grunge, one of the quilts had different blocks from the other because of the 3 1/2” versus the 4 1/2” sliced ones, but I still love Moda Shibori prints. I used a variegated blue King Tut thread to quilt it using the inbuilt stitches on my Pfaff Performance 5. I can’t do FMQ but I won’t let that stop me finishing a quilt.