I have always done crafting mainly knitting and crochet from a young age but have never been that confident in sewing. I did do some sewing when my daughters were small but it was all done by hand and as they got older they decided they would prefer shop bought items, so I gave up.

One day recently my husband came home with a Singer 201K hand crank sewing machine and this has started me on my needlework journey.

I am a complete beginner with quilting so would like you to come along on my needlework journey as I explore fabric, tools, books and magazines, trying things out and seeing what works for me and what ends up a disaster. I will be starting small and hopefully building up to bigger items. I will try all different techniques from paper piecing to machine stitching, big stitch to wavy quilting, crazy patchwork to crumb patchwork and anything else I come across that looks interesting.

I will of course have to look at the colour palette and play with colours to see what looks good together both on paper and in the actual fabric, experimenting with different blocks to find out about different layouts and colours hopefully ending up with a beautiful quilt after many months.

I also have a philosophy of waste not, want not so will look at re-purposing some material from other sources such as clothes that are no longer worn or bedding bought from charity shops, though I will supplement new fabric from the quilting shops as well. This is the way quilts were originally made when it was a craft of necessity rather than for decorative purposes.

I will be starting out with a very basic sewing kit of needles, pins, scissors of different sizes, beeswax from my local beekeeper, seam ripper (which I am sure will have plenty of use), iron, cutting mat and rotary cutter.

I hope you will join me on my needlework journey and see what I make with these fat quarters that I was given for my birthday.