Hi all, for my first blog I thought I’d give you a little insight into the world of the magazine. Don’t worry, my other blogs will not be all about the magazine but it’s a big part of my ‘quilting story’ and a good place to start!

British Patchwork and Quilting magazine very much holds to the original ethos which is ‘written by quilters, for quilters’. As I mentioned before I had to take quilts to my interview to prove I knew about quilting (at least a little) before being taken on. I can honestly say that Joanna Kent, the editor, is one of the best of quilters, knowing so many people in the trade she certainly knows her stuff and has held my hand into the world of editing.

My role on the P&Q magazine? Well, I’ve been working for MyTime Media for just over eighteen months now. I do all the regular features such as editing the Book Review (yes, I get to have a quick peek in the books), Wander the Web written by Chris Frances (I love doing this one as I get to visit all those lovely web sites that Chris finds, pull images from them and learn about that months theme) and Wonderful Workshops where I cruise the web looking for workshops that might entice our readers. And yes, I end up booking one now and again! If you happen to have a workshop running in your shop, feel free to let me know about it as we love to support local quilt shops. But bare in mind, we need four months notice and I do try and share it around the country and try and find different techniques, from beginners to advanced courses.

I also manage the Introducing feature in P&Q magazine. This is where you tell us about your local quilt group. Interested? Email me. News and Views is also a favourite. I let you know about new ideas and general news from the world of P&Q. From You to Us is the letters page and you never know what’s going to turn up in the post or email for this one. We’ve had some lovely stories and some can really bring a tear to the eye!

British Quilt and Stitch Show, Uttoxeter

Another enjoyable part of my role on P&Q magazine is, I’m sure you could guess, visiting the shows and writing the show reviews! Seeing the fantastic quilts on display, meeting up with lovely quilting traders and spending far too much on fabric is always so much fun. I do spend time on P&Q’s stand at the Festival of Quilts which I love. Meeting long time subscribers, new readers or anyone that walks by is a joy and I’m always happy to have a chat! I also get to meet and interview some great quilters or designers about various projects, their quilting life or to talk about their techniques and quilts. Last year this included Ricky Tims and our own Sylvia Priest!

Ricky Tims, my Mum, Aunt and I

All in all I count myself lucky to work on British Patchwork and Quilting. I’m sure it has led me to improve as a quilter much faster than I would have otherwise. Maybe I’ll work up the courage to enter one of the shows I get to visit and see my own work hanging on the wall?

For more information about British Patchwork and Quilting Magazine visit : www.pandqmagazine.com