Hello, my name is Sarah Wells. I live with my fiancé and our ten year old son in the Fenland area of Cambridgeshire. I’m employed as a teaching assistant in a local primary school, which is an amazing job as I work with very inspiring children.

My sewing addiction started in very bizarre circubmstances, my neighbour was needing a cleaner for a few weeks whilst she attended chemotherapy (only a couple of months at most, eight years later I’m still doing it!) My neighbour is an extremely talented patchworker and started me quilting a cushion. From this we began making quilted festive wall hangings, then she taught me red-work with different embroidery stitches. We then embarked on a sampler quilt, I was at this time chosen by my employer to complete a diploma in teaching assistant. This took two years out of my quilting journey, as I have a family to juggle as well.

Since completing the diploma I have not to this day finished the sampler quilt, this is a job to do!

I am still tutored by my neighbour and together we have discovered new techniques, visited many, many fabric shops and shows together. I have also encouraged a colleague to pick up sewing again. Together we discuss topics, techniques and encourage each other. I enjoy learning new techniques and skills and hope to encourage many more people to have a go.

As well as sewing I also have an allotment, which we work as a family. I adore nature and plants, this is often incorporated within my sewing.

My son also plays football for the towns under 11 team, whilst most of you lucky sewers are busy beavering away with projects, I am freezing at the side lines often working out when I can fabricate some time to sew.

I have participated in the UKQU postcard swaps, which I thoroughly enjoy and find them a manageable project. I hesitated about the mini swap last summer as I thought my skills were not good enough, but I will push myself to join the next swap.