Hello again everyone

Spring is finally here and with that comes the annual spring clean. I have made myself a promise this year to try to decrease my stash.

I had a number of reasons, but mostly I had no idea what I actually had, as the majority of my older stash were still in boxes since I moved 2 1/2 years ago. I know wrote a piece on destashing last year, but I found more fabric since then.  So in an effort to tame my dragon(stash), I set to work sorting my fabric in stages into four piles. 

I started with pre-cuts(like jelly rolls and layer cakes) as they are always popular and I also knew would net me a reasonable return. I set a resale value in my head of 75% less than what I paid for it originally. I know that technically this is a loss, but its still a bonus when you think its just ” dead money” sitting on the shelf or in a box.

The first pile was fabric I bought on a whim, or I no longer liked. I accept that my tastes have changed and so I felt zero guilt in selling them on. I also added novelty and Christmas fabrics and panels. I have kept them for a while just in case, but in reality would I ever use them all. This was a surprisingly large pile.

The second pile were fabrics I felt happy giving away. I am a member of the Quilts for Care Leavers facebook group*.
So these fabrics were put to one side to either use on these quilts or to give away to other group members who could make use of them. This was quite a small pile, but one I aim to add to over time.
*This group works with the Lemn Sissay Foundation who host Christmas dinners for care leavers . Our group are working on making quilts for care leavers in a number of dinner locations, so that they can take away with them a “quilt hug”. For more details please see the following blogs by the founder Maggie Lloyd-Jones (here and here)

The third pile was a maybe pile. These were fabrics I still liked but would not be too upset about if I sold them on. These were a bit of heart wrench but not a disaster. I have to admit there are more than a few pieces that float between this and my keep pile, but all in all a reasonable sized pile.

Finally the four pile were fabrics that would hurt to part with. This is where I discovered my love of Blue (who knew) as the majority of the ranges I kept were blue and cream. These I re:homed onto comic boards on the shelves in my sewing studio, where I can see and stoke them. I hope that having them on show will also encourage me to actually use them.

One of many shelves full of fabric

By following this method I got into the swing of selling with my least loved items, I was then able to make more pragmatic decisions that helped reduce the keep pile to a more reasonable level. Recently I even listed my beloved Moda Frivol tins. Realistically I will not make them all and my tastes for mini quilts have changed over the years.

It is a work in progress as I find new micro stashes I have squirrelled away and forgotten about (for example a whole box of fleece that I have no recollection of buying), but all in all so far I have made close to £800 which has helped with a few unexpected bills, but more importantly I have a tidier sewing studio full of fabrics I love rather than fabrics that are just “meh”. Marie Kondo would be proud (well maybe that’s too far!) As long as don’t think about how much I paid for the fabrics originally, no tears are spilt.

Next step I’m tackling my notions and books!

If you are thinking of selling your stash go to the following face book group and sign up.
Just remember not to spend all you lovely money you make on new fabrics from the group (do what I say not what I do!!!) 

Till next time happy sewing

Love Dotty xx