Hello Everyone. Time flies. It has been 2 whole months since I last blogged. Wow! Does not feel like it has been that long. What have I been up to I hear you cry! Well, between lots of visiting family and friends, and the perpetual commitment of full time work, I found very little time to quilt, let alone write about it. However, now that life is starting to calm down again, I now have the head space to write.

Me and my Dad
Lola makes a  new friend
Dancing on tables ! At my age!!!

Back in May, I was fortunate to be asked to test a Quilt-As-You-Go Christmas Pattern for Cut&Alter. I jumped at the chance as I had a gorgeous Moda layer cake that was calling out to me to be used. So Lovely right!!!!

Petite Maison De Noel by French General

I found the patterns very easy to follow, and over a few weekends I managed to finish all 9 blocks. My favourite is this one. Absolutely adore the tiny square…

However since creating the blocks and providing feedback, it has been sitting on my WIP shelf gathering virtual (and physical) dust. I had a vague notion that I would try out Free Motion Quilting (FMQ), as well as a Quilt-as-you-go (QAYG) but finding the courage to start something way out of my comfort zone took a while. It took me a while to find my mojo. Finally I argued with myself that no matter how reasonably priced my local Long arm quilter is, I just can’t afford to get every quilt I make long-armed. Therefore, I just needed to pluck up the courage and do it.

One thing that keeps putting me off. Last time I tried to FMQ I always got creases in the backing, no matter how much basting spray i used.. At the same time I had several metres of Muslin, that I bought for some reason (I forget why). I decided that rather than “ruin” the quilt with twisted and creased backing fabric, I would quilt using muslin as a backing and then add the final backing fabric later.

Next Challenge…. Could I find my 505 spray! Could I heck. Bear in mind my studio is only 9ft by 61/2 ft, there is only so many places it could be hiding, but no… it is hiding in the same ethereal place that odd socks go! But aha!! I remembered ages ago I bought a basting gun. Well I may as well test that too, after all it seems to be the day for trying new things.

Word to the wise, the needle on this, is blinking sharp, as my fingers will contest to. However, it worked well and seems to do what it says on the tin! Basting completed, with most of my appendages intact, I took a deep breath and started to FMQ.


So scary!!.
Not bad but still need more practice

And so I continued…. All 9 blocks FMQed, ready for the next stage. However, at this point Lola, my beloved pug, dropped her favourite toy on top of my pedal foot. A sure sign its time to step away from the machine. I will document the QAYG stage in next months blog. I was going to continue today, but appears I am otherwise engaged…..as a pug bed! Until next next time. Happy Stitching folks

Love Dotty xx