Hey everyone

Is it just me or has Summer finally arrived? I hope you are getting the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine.

You know the saying about things coming in threes. Well after years of not going to London, I have had to make 3 separate trips to the big smoke in 3 weeks. I am not complaining, the train journey is not that bad, especially if I get the direct train. And the good thing about the direct train is that I miss those awful Virgin Pendolino trains, that always make me feel nauseous.

One of the many photos of the night. Not the best but I was too busy singing along to take many shots

Anyway, after the first trip, it occured to me that I was missing a sewing opportunity. So on my second trip this weekend to see P!nk (One of my all time favourite artists. She is such an amazing singer, feminist icon and all-round awesome role model. I love her forever!!! but I digress) I brought with me a mini hand sewing kit. 

Lucozade courtesy  of my little sis!

I have been working on a cute table runner for ages now, using Little Ruby Mini Charms from Moda.

The kit consisted of 6 mini clips, loads of 1 inch hexis cut out using my Fiskers XL punch, and a whole pile of 2 1/2 square of fabric.

Now I have to admit the lure of sleep was too great, and I did take advantage of the soothing  rhythm of the train tracks to have a snooze,  but I did manage to make all of these. Not bad for what would otherwise be “deadtime”.

I still have a way to go before I finish the runner but once I have finished I will share pictures.

At the concert, P!nk wore this amazing full length plaid shirt / jacket with a corset back. I am seriously considering trying to replicate. What do you all think?

As for my London trips, two down and one to go. Hopefully the weather will not be quite as hot and humid next time (not that I’m complaining, well not that much)

Till next time happy sewing everyone

Love Dotty xx