Hi Everyone

I know it has been a while since I blogged. I would say that life and work got in the way, but frankly, I have just been going through the annual winter blues. I find it hard enough to be motivated to get up and go to work, sewing and the writing about sewing goes completely out of the window. However, the spring is in the air (even if it is forecast to get grim again) so here I am getting my act together.

Last year I agreed to join a select group of “Blogeratti” to design free patterns for all you lovely people to download. The topic of said patterns we agreed would be bags.

I was super excited about this, as it was my first time designing a pattern. As I have a sort of new years resolution, to test my boundaries and do more, writing not only one but also two patterns seemed like a good challenge.

I knew what I wanted to make, but as I said, motivation was non-existent and my mojo was hibernating. But after much procrastination (and more than a bit of priding from the group leaders Ruth and Sylvia!) I finally got on with the job in hand .

Firstly, the laptop /tablet sleeve. Last year I was fortunate enough to travel to one of the other company offices. As I travelled by train, I tried condensing my handbag and laptop into one bag. It was successful, but I had a couple of near-miss “thunks”, where my poor laptop got knocked and jostled. I thought to myself I need to make a padded sleeve to stop it from being damaged.

I also recently went to a two-day course at work, which blew my mind. Seriously, the last time I was this inspired was in the early 2000’s when I was introduced to Transactional Analysis on a Conflict resolution course. This two-day course was run by Amazing if. I would highly recommend checking them out. Whether you are retired or still working, I guarantee that, their work will inspire you. one of the first activities we did in this two-day course, was to identify your values. Values are the key “things” that make you, YOU. I am not going to repeat the activity here , as I am not the expert , but sufficed to say one of my key values was the need to feel worthy of all that I have earned, learned and become. Deep huh!

When I then decided to make my padded sleeve for my laptop, I thought, what better way of reminding myself that I am worthy than to add the word to the sleeve. The end result was a better than I expected, and if I do say so myself, a very “worthy” activity. The pattern is available here , and It can be adapted for any size tablet, laptop or note pad.

The next pattern I designed was a Lunch bag. This was a lot harder and took several attempts to convert the ideas I had in my head into a tangible pattern that was easy to follow and looked good at the end. So several weekends, blood, sweat and yes even tears (broken needles into fingers do that) and I finally had a pattern I could be proud of. You can see this pattern here.

I can assure you pattern writing is harder than it looks, but in a masochistic way, I really enjoyed it. This challenge has sparked a semblance of life back onto my mojo and I am now ready to start the plethora of quilts on my “back log”. But first, off to tidy my Craft room (again!) The only downside of having such a small space to call my own is that I am forever tidying. I feel like Prometheus and his liver! I have been listening to a podcast about Greek myths recently so it seemed apt!! I highly recommend it (be warned, its a bit feminist and there is a bit of swearing in it). I don’t mind either but wanted to put that warning there for those who object to either.

Till next time, Happy Sewing

Love Dotty