Welcome to crazy town! Well, more like crazy world right now eh? But all is not lost, you now have 12 weeks to get up to date on all those UFO’s, WIP’s and all the niggling little jobs around the house that you keep putting off.

For those not in the know, a UFO in quilting terms is an Unfinished Object. A WIP is a Work In Progress, the difference being that the first one you stuck in a bag and it got pushed to the back of a shelf, and the second one you stuck in a bag and look at occasionally thinking that you really should get on with finishing it. It goes without saying that you likely have many of both.

I have a large box behind my sofa that I keep WIP’s in. If I know it’s not going to get finished any time soon it makes its way up to the spare room to hide in a just as large, but less easy to access, box. That’s the theory anyway, but I have actually finished three WIP’s this week, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

This one is a pattern from a magazine that I started last year (probably) I bought the lining fabric, washed it (I always wash bag fabric), made the pineapple panel and made the lining (this was where the mistakes started)

I couldn’t decide on the main fabric at all. I was tempted to go orange with green handles (Nope that’s just crazy) but I found this very heavy maroon cotton at Fabric Guild for some ridiculous price like £3 a metre and ordered some black webbing for the handles. The base is fake leather that I have piles of for bags.

Anyway, when I got to putting it all together last week it didn’t go quite to plan. I didn’t have any black Kam snaps, I had to replace the green strip and green Kam I had put on the panel with black. I forgot to line the fake leather with fusible batting (I adore this one, I use it for bags and minis, it’s brilliant stuff). Nearly finished I realised the panel was slightly wonky so I unpicked, ripping the webbing, hence the clip and D ring on the front where I replaced the webbing. The lining was huge compared to the outside (why is that? It almost always happens to me) so I turned it inside out again and again and again trying to get things perfect. The difficulty here is you can come to hate a project, especially when it goes wrong but actually, I really like this bag. It’s huge and still funky – despite not being bright orange. Oops it needs a press still!

This bag was another pain, I made the front using Fabric Magic but didn’t have enough fabric left to cut the handles as part of the bag as per the pattern so I had to improvise. So it was all put together except the handles that I made weren’t attached, so when I pulled it out of the WIP box I ordered some chicago screws and extra wide D rings. Chicago screws are like rivets but with no hammering. I’m not sure if I prefer them or not really! Of course 10 screws weren’t enough (doh) so I had to order some more, and then I just didn’t like it when it was done. The screws on the bag (rather than the ones on the straps) are too close together? Ah well, it’ll go in a pile of random made stuff I don’t know what to do with now.

And then I finished my house (no sewing required) I had been looking for my soldering iron to join all the lighting wires together but couldn’t find it so gave in and ordered another. I love these kits, you get absolutely everything except the glue. I use this stuff, it’s brilliant for crafts and has instant adhesion so you aren’t sitting around holding pieces together forever. It makes a nice change from sewing, it’s calming, you just sit in one spot and pick out the bits you need and put them together. I made a sewing studio previously which I’m sure I mentioned on another blog.

Good luck, stay safe, STAY INDOORS!

And if you’re still working, thank you for keeping the Country going, we couldn’t do this without you x