Half way through the year and I’ve kept up my New Year Resolution (Amazing! I know here we are in June and I’ve still kept with a New Years resolution!!) of learning a new quilty technique each month!!

Our village school, where one of my grandsons attends (as did his Dad and his two Aunties, and where I’m a governor) had just furnished their Nurture Room, so I made them a small Friendship Star Quilt to go in it, and I found some lovely backing fabric for it with children represented in every colour of the rainbow!

The Box of Delights box I subscribe to, took me right out of my comfort zone, a machine table tidy, which meant I attempted free motion quilting on it. It turned out ok, and seeing as most of it is under my large immobile machine it looks rather pleasing, even if I say so myself!!! Loved the charm pack, the picture shows it before I added the pocket.

I was a busy bee in June, as my youngest grandson, was off to visit Peppa Pig World, so made him a buggy quilt with blocks embroidered on my machine with a dozen or so of the characters from the Peppa Pig tv series! He loved it and it was a bit hit in the playground with the other Mums when my daughter took him with it on the school run with his older brother!

The heat in July melted my brain and found me joining the Bloggers on here. Testing patterns for my friend Lyn Butler again, this time a Triangles and Hexies Table Topper, inspired by her daughter’s new tiles!!! All her patterns are available in her shop in her UKQU shop.

I also undertook my first fabric review for the UKQU website, and made a chevron throw with the beautiful Makower layer cake fabric I was sent. My eldest daughter and granddaughter were down visiting from Sheffield, and fell in love with the throw, so it ended up going home with them. It was lovely to escape the heat and settle into my sewing space in one of our spare bedrooms, where it was cool and having both windows open, front and back I was able to sew in a cool breeze.

Still had printing problems in August that I’d had earlier in the year, and hadn’t sorted out!! So I was unable to make July and Augusts calendar blocks (block a month) and school was shut for the school holidays!! So was unable to sneak in and get them to enlarge & print the pattern for me. How inconsiderate of them!!

I picked another Box of Delights, which turned out to be a lovely Cross and Crown Runner, my other daughter took a shine to this, especially as I shadow quilted it in metallic thread that it disappeared home with her!

Lyn sent me another pattern to test, which has to be my favourite one yet, her Stained Glass Christmas Tree, (Yes the C word in August) and absolutely adored this pattern, and used fusible bias tape for the first time. It went together like a dream. When I’d done something like this before I had to add the sticky stuff to the bias I had made, with the little bias tape maker, threading the sticky stuff through the slot on the bias maker! Ha! What a total disaster I ended up with everything but the bias stuck to the tape. It was stuck to my jumper, the table, the iron, and even in my hair!! Having now discovered the fusible tape I was over the moon and was quickly on-line trying to buy it in different colours.

What will the next few months see me doing? Can I keep up with the resolution??