We don’t get it much anymore in the Netherlands, snow. So if we do, all the art quilters go crazy. When the weather people tell us code yellow is coming up because of… OH NO! 5 centimetres of snow, we are already busy gathering soda ash and fabric…

Last year I had to much other stuff on my mind, but this year I wanted to try. The first snowfall end of January I just tried some. I did not have the proper fabric paint: you need Procion or Dylon or something like that. I had some stuff I bought that you can paint on fabric with a brush, or spray. And it didn’t work. Unfortunately, every bit of colour just washed right out…

So. OK. I ordered Procion.

And at the first warning of a possible something, I started with pieces of fabric in soda ash. I used pieces from an old bedcover, one flannel piece, and some unbleached cotton.

And behold! It snowed… Very early I was up, and really, I had to SCRAPE the snow from the ground but I did just that. I had 4 cups of mixed Procion, one turqoise mixed with fuchsia and a little black, one turqoise pure, one citrus yellow pure and one citrus yellow with fuchsia and a tiny bit of black. All you need is about a teaspoon full! With my plastic gloves and my mouthcap I felt SO professional! You put some fabric on the bottom of the bucket, and some on top in a colander.

Now, just wait till the snow melts away… with my amount of patience a challenge in itself…

It starts to show…

Something blue, something orange.. and some birdpoo… .it was very exciting!

After the snow melts, you put the fabric in plastic bags to warm up. Procion needs warmth to set.

After about 4 hours you can take it out. Use your gloves… You take cold water and rinse till the water is almost clean. The colour coming off is just not needed. There will be enough left, just wait! Rinse with warm water, and then let it dry.

Then the best work, iron it… and take the photos!

These were just wrinkled up in the buckets.


This one I rolled up tight, and bound with about 6 or 7 pieces of gardenyarn.

This one I folded in triangles.

I am very happy with the results, and you bet… next winter I will do it again… even if I see only 1 centimetre of that white stuff…. and oh right. Icecubes appear to work great too…. So who needs winter!

The whole process is very exciting. Feel challenged? Let me know!

Love, Hilda Wessels.