I was sent two packs of Perfect Hem T40 by Vlieseline to review. This product is designed for taking up hems, not something I do very often, hence the pile of unused trousers in my wardrobe, hopefully this will encourage me to fix the many pairs of far too long trousers which hang in my wardrobe.  The pack contains 3metres of 40mm wide fabric, and is meant to create soft hems on blouses, dresses, skirts, trousers, jackets, and coats.

Perfect Hem T40

I was expecting it to be a fusible web similar to Bondaweb or Steam A Seam, but this is completely different.

It’s two layers of a fine woven fabric, similar to a heavy organza or chiffon with a line of stretch stitch close to the top, this holds the two layers together, the fabric is only fusible on the outer layers and is very different to what I was expecting.

The stretch stitch holding the two layers together
Two layers

I cut a small piece of fabric to test it out, the instructions are quite clear and concise, you neaten the edges of your hem, fold the edges of your fabric up and then insert the ‘Perfect Hem’ into the fold, with the narrow edge at the top. The next step would be to do a blind stitch on your Hem (I missed that stage out). I wanted to see how easy it would be to peel off the fusible fabric. I have found in the past when using fusible for hems that the layers could be pulled apart quite easily.

Fabric inserted ready to be fused

The next stage is to place a damp cloth over the top and press with the iron for 10 seconds on each area. When it had cooled I tried to pull the fusible from the fabric but it wouldn’t budge no matter how hard I tried.

The reason I didn’t do the hem stitch at the beginning was so I could see what happened once it was fused. I unpicked a couple of the stretch stitches so you can see what I mean.  The fusible is attached firmly to the inner and outer fabrics with an unfused space in between. This will mean that your hems still look quite natural rather than have that ‘stuck together’ look you get with some of the other fusible products.

Fused but still separate layers 

The instruction leaflet states that the product can be washed at 30 degrees, ironed with a warm to hot setting and can also be dry cleaned.

I’m very impressed with this product, more so that I thought I would be to be, I had stopped buying this type of item for taking up hems, but I think I may be inspired to finally start taking up those trousers awaiting the shortening process.

Carol Munro