Materials required

6 inch piece width of fabric (3 different designs)

2 packs of toy stuffing

1 mtr of wide ribbon

Take each of the 3 strips and with r/s facing sew along one short end and the length of the strip creating a tub.

Turn the 3 tubes in the right way.

Stuff the tubes, each requires a fair amount of stuffing to give body and to hold its shape once made.

Once stuffed tuck in the ends and if careful you will be able to overlap each tube and run them through the sewing machine to catch down the open ends and join them together. Failing that they can be hand stitched together.

Once joined you can now plait the 3 together.

Join the plait into a circle and hand stitch together, don’t worry about the stitching as it will be covered with the ribbon.

Once stitched together wrap your ribbon around the join and put in a couple of holding stitches to keep in place if required and you can then add ribbon to hang.

This also looks nice in non-Christmas fabric too.