I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to find out that I was going to receive one of L&C Fabrics’ fabulous Mystery Bags when they were launched. I had seen the bags featured on their Facebook page and was intrigued to see what would be included.

L&C Fabrics say, “The bags all have good quality items which we know you will love and use… With our lovely customers in mind our staff have chosen every item carefully.”

L&C Fabrics have four sizes of bag: £10, £15, £25 and £50 and each month the content of the bags changes. I received a £25 bag.

My first impression was very positive. The bag was beautifully presented and would make a lovely gift. Each item was individually wrapped and the bag was topped with matching tissue paper.


Item 1: Moda Mini Charm Pack – The Mini Charm Pack is a particularly pretty design, ‘Fleurs’, by Brenda Riddle. I often use Mini Charm Packs, either for English Paper Piecing (EPP) or to supplement my stash when I can ‘scrap-busting’. Each piece is 2.5” square.

Item 2: Moda 4x FQ Set – Two of the fabrics were definitely Moda, from the Fleurs range above. The other two didn’t have any writing on the selvage to confirm this but they matched perfectly. I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest bugbears with buying pre-cuts is that they’re very often not cut square. I don’t think there is anything more annoying than working out a pattern and trying to the cut blocks out of a wonky FQ, only to find yourself ¼” short on the length one side because it’s not been cut straight. Well, I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that the FQs enclosed were just about as square as it is possible to cut them – and generous as well – so no wastage here!

Items 3 & 4: 2x reels of 250yd complementary colour cotton and 1x skein of complementary colour embroidery silk – I was really pleased that the embroidery silk and the reels of cotton enclosed matched the fabrics. L&C Fabrics had clearly taken the time and effort to think about the content of the bag, rather than just throwing in random bits and pieces.

Item 5: 10 quilt clips – There’s not much to say about these, they’re jolly handy for binding and I use them a lot.

Item 6: Frixion Pen – There has been much debate on the Facebook forum about these pens and I’m not here to review the pen itself so I won’t start the discussion again.  However, they haven’t got the best of reputations among our community and to be perfectly honest, I won’t use it, but some people like them. 

Item 7: Sew Easy Magic Seam Marker – This on the other hand, I think I will use a lot.  I have never seen one before but I understand that it adds a ¼” seam allowance around any template.  I will definitely be trying this next time I make a Tilda doll.

Item 8: Tape Measure – I did think that this was an interesting choice for an experienced sewer, as we tend to have more tape measures than you can shake a stick at, but this bag could have been received by someone with less experienced and to be fair, it is a very nice tape measure.  It will be going to a very good home as part of a friend’s Christmas box.

Item 9: £5 L&C Fabrics voucher – This does have an expiry date on it and a minimum spend of £10 – but who spends less that £10 in a fabric shop – ever?  It can be used in person or online.

Just a quick tot-up of the average values of 4x FQ, Moda Mini Charm Pack, Frixion Pen, £5 L&C Fabrics voucher comes to over £25. I estimate the value of the pack to be in excess of £35 if you were to buy each item individually, so in my estimation, the Mystery Bag is excellent value for money, as well as a lovely surprise!

L&C Fabrics have a fantastic range of sewing machines, fabrics and notions available on their website: www.lcfabrics.co.uk


  1. Jo Graham

    What great value that mystery bag was for £25 Gini. I dare say you had great fun trying out all these goodies!!!
    I like the fact that that you were honest in your review, whether positive or not. This is so important as we all have different tastes, needs and abilities. Also, the contents of your mystery bag and the great review gave people an sneaky insight into the vast array of equipment that is available now for us quilters!
    Well done Gini x