I’ve just got my sewing room set up in my new house. I did have one in my old house (well, to be fair, the whole house was one big sewing room!), but I have downsized and it has taken a bit more planning to get everything I need, and a spare bed, into the room.

So this is it.

The Horn cabinet was a great second hand buy, and I love the way the machine arm sits flush with the table, giving me a lovely big flat surface (that I have never had before). The white moulded plastic office chair may not look the most comfortable, but it fits my back perfectly. It will have a loose cover made for it (not a proper cushion as that would change the way the chair fits me, but probably with a layer of batting in). The thin daylight blind is perfect – shutting out the direct sun, but still letting enough light through.

New buys included the adjustable height cutting table, and the day bed – and yes, that too is an essential piece of sewing room furniture, with its three lovely big storage drawers, and a place to display finished quilts. I had intended to get a hinged, wall mounted table top that would fold down onto the top of the bed to make an extra surface to work on, but lets face it, it would be a pain to clear off when the bed was needed, and the bed itself makes a perfectly fine surface for “stuff”.

I had also intended to buy storage that would exactly fit available spaces and make the most the the space I have, but so far I haven’t found anything that is going to work better than the old wooden shelving and plastic drawer units I already have, so in the meantime that is what I have. I don’t have a big ironing board in here, because I mostly only need the little one, and that works well enough on top of my cutting/work table.

You wanted to see my stash? Well, here it is: larger pieces (mostly) folded on shelves, with smaller pieces, FQs, precuts, batiks, and kits in plastic bins. The three biggest plastic bins (in another photo, beside the Horn cabinet) are full of UFO’s – don’t ask me how many, as I’m not even going to think about counting them. It is more than I could count on my fingers and toes though.

So, I’ve showed you mine – its your turn to show yours!