The third block for our Puzzle Quilt is another one based on a 4-patch and has the exotic name ‘Mosaic Number 13’. It is very similar to the first block we made – Clay’s Choice – but has a few more half-square triangles. One thing that is certain is that by the time you have made two versions of this block you will be able to make half-square triangle units in your sleep. The original Mosaic #13 was actually made using diamonds and triangles

but this version of the block that we are making has lots of other names as well, depending on where the colours are placed, so we have the Barbara Frietschie Star, Pieced Star and The Colorado Quilt.

Using lots of half-square triangles instead of diamonds gives us scope for many other colour variations and there are several more ideas in the worksheet. I’ve included a couple of blank blocks so you can play with colour choices – and you can even give your blocks their own names if you’ve come up with a new combination. Download the worksheet here – and it is free, don’t forget!

What colours are you using? These are the blocks I made for the original quilt

These are some ideas from Electric Quilt (EQ8) for other colours and where to put those colours.

I have yet to make this block for the new quilt but I have chosen the fabrics and coloured in my blank blocks.

Next step is to transfer those colours to the worksheet so I don’t get lost part way through, and then I can start cutting and piecing. I often post my progress on my Instagram account and some of us are using the hashtag ‘puzzlequilttraditionalblocks’ for this one, so if you are on Instagram you can too can post your progress.