I have chosen my fabrics . . .

This may not sound much but I have had my stash tipped out all over the floor, I’ve rummaged through it. I’ve held up various fabrics together and wondered ‘do they go?’ and ‘how much does it matter?’ and ‘oh I really like this one’ which is usually swiftly followed by an oh bother as invariably there will only be a small portion of a fat quarter left, with large bites taken out of it. As I have been messing around with patchwork for (gulp) nearly forty years I have a lot of bits and pieces and fat quarters and almost half-yards in my cupboard so the mess on the floor was considerable.

But eventually a decision was reached and I managed to pull out enough fabrics of two colours that ‘went’ to at least make a start on the blocks. I found the green and burgundy print first and then went sorting through to find fabrics that went with it – so jade greens and plums. I have no clue about a border. Or the sashing! We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. More fabric may have to be acquired.

Next decision is the fabrics for the two versions of the first block. So I spread my chosen fabrics out and repeated the rummage, holding up and muttering process all over again until finally a choice was made for both. But then . . . where in the blocks to put those fabrics? What! More decisions?! I coloured in my blank blocks (so thoughtfully provided!) and made my units. But then they got mixed up again when I came to lay the blocks out to piece them. Which colouring had I chosen?  Was I sure? Didn’t that way round look better? Or maybe . . .?

I gave myself a severe talking-to. It was nearly teatime and those blocks had to be made before then. So I stitched them together.

But I’m still not convinced . . .!

How is everyone else getting on? Hopefully less indecisive than I am.


  1. Ami Richards

    Reading this really made me chuckle, you could be me or I you! I’m the same, muttering and telling myself off and to just get on with it. Anyway, your blocks are lovely and I look forward to seeing pics of the completed quilt.