My Podcast series continues with my amazing interview with the fabulous Rebecca (Becky) Alexander-Frost.  Becky is an experienced quilter and bag maker who I utterly love and the contribution she brings to the sewing world is amazing. A more kind and lovely person you will struggle to find. and this is just a short chat with her about what she is working on, how she is moving on in the world of craft and how she has tried to make life work in this crazy world we find ourselves now.

For me the thing I love most about Becky is her amazing bags!  I mean just stunning!  Her workmanship is outstanding and I for one am so excited to even try and make a bag because of her! The best for me too is her very own YouTube page where you can follow her amazing sew-along style bag demonstrations to make the bags yourself!

She is a joy to watch I think.

I hope you can enjoy a few minutes watching her and look forward to welcoming you back soon.