The Congleton Bear Town Patchwork & Quilters organised their usual jaunt to the 4 day Malvern Quilts Spring Show, hosted by The Grosvenor Show, on Sunday 20th June 2018. I was on the coach clutching my ticket at 8.10 am on a warm sunny morning alongside 50+ other excited women! We arrived at 10 am and headed for fortification at the outside coffee stand for coffee and pastry (well one has to doesn’t one) and then for a brief drop in at the loo’s. All set, heads down, marching in with purpose.

My two good friends clutched a list (mine was in my head) and had given strict instructions for us to watch that none of us veered off it but within minutes this intention was broken. I did my best but couldn’t stop my friends spending and my cries of ‘is it on the list?’ went unheard! But….. we have all been there haven’t we? So much choice, so many beautiful fabrics, so many great ideas, so many things we can’t live without! An hour and a half in and we must have only done three sides of the large hall and still had the inner section, quilts and lower hall to see! So….. off for a regroup, review the lists, revise the plan and, of course, drink a coffee.

Just a note here as this is important for us ladies ….. So many people at this huge show and never once did I queue for a toilet and the queues for food and drinks were minimal. Brilliant!

Cecilia Slinn, Something Old into Something New

We did a lot of oohing and ahhing over the most beautiful quilts on display. So much admiration for beautiful designs, skillfully executed techniques and creative ideas.  We all like different things don’t we so for me the one that is most memorable was a vintage table cloth quilted and embellished by Cecilia Slinn, ‘Something Old into Something New’. What made it special was that it was believed to have belonged to Cecilia’s late mother-in-law and it was beautifully machine quilted and embellished with pearls.

By 4 pm we were exhausted, laden down with bags of goodies and rushing back to the coach! Sadly we didn’t see as much as w,e would like to have seen and it would have been good to have had a second day to visit some of the things we had moved quickly past and to really give the beautiful quilts more time and consideration.

We might have marched in but we hobbled out, laden down buy bags of batting, light boxes, fabrics, patterns, books and wonderful accessories


So the answer to the question ‘is one day enough?’ is definitely no but…. two days would be a big stretch on the finances given that we see so many things we absolutely can’t live without!

I will be back next time for sure.