In 2015, I saw these eggs in a post on a North American website. They looked great and so that year I made some and wrote my own pattern for my GillyMac pupils to enjoy.  As we approach Easter 2018, you may enjoy making these as a gift or as decoration for your home. They really are a smashing project and very easy to make.

Back in 2015, the most taxing part of making the eggs was sourcing the Styrofoam shapes. It was easy to buy oodles of little eggs, but finding solid eggs that are 4″/10cm or bigger was difficult and consequently expensive. Today, it is a little easier – Craftmill via Amazon have 12cm eggs around £1.20 each, sold in packs of 10. Eggs which are 15cm or larger are available but are a little more expensive.

Once you have your Styrofoam eggs, then you will need 300 or so cheap dressmaking pins (the ones with the tiny steel heads) and pieces of fabric cut 2″ x 3″. I used three different fabrics for my eggs. To start, you need to mark the centre of the top (narrower end) of your egg. Then fold one of your rectangles over by about 1/8″-1/4 ” and drag your nail down the fold to create a crease. Now fold the fabric rectangle again along the longest side and create another. This should allow you to see where the centre point is along that fold.

At the top of this mark, place a pin through the fabric and into the egg, just a tiny distance below the centre dot you marked earlier on your egg. You now fold the edges of the fabric down and overlap them slightly and pin them, and finally secure the other points of the formed fabric triangle with two additional pins. Now repeat this again, placing the fabric directly opposite the first piece. Then fill the gaps either side of the pieces 1 and 2.



To create the next row needs a little measurement. The point of the first triangle in row 2 should be 3/8″ below the point of the first triangle in row 1.


When I was making my eggs, I did do the measuring for row 2, but after that I just guessed and all went well .. so don’t despair.. throw away the tape measure once your confidence builds. Creating rows down the eggs just continues in this way.


As you get close to the bottom of the egg, you will find that some of the pins are visible and no longer hidden. When this happens, you can fold the tails of your triangles to hide the pins. When you get to the last row, finish your egg with a piece of material over the tail ends and hold it in place with pins, but this time you can put the pin through a sequin to give a more polished final piece.

There are lots of designs I have thought up. Instead of working all the way down the egg, stop halfway and build the egg up from the bottom (fat end) and then put a ribbon or piece of material around the centre where they join… this has quite a Faberge look about it. Another thought would be to use a larger final piece in the shape of a flower which comes up the side of the egg, this would look a little more acorn like. This technique can be used for Christmas decorations too…

I hope you enjoy making eggs – don’t forget to post your lovely makes on the GillyMac Facebook Page as well as the UKQU Facebook and UKQU Instagram sites!