So often, when you run a business around quilting, you can forget to quilt for yourself for the pure enjoyment of the process.  Yet, it’s what we need to keep our creativity fresh.  After a really hectic couple of months, I made a conscious decision to have some quilting fun, just for me.

Back last year, I got an email from Cotton Patch announcing the release of a new fabric line.  The main panel was of peacocks and the colours were just so beautiful.  I fell in love with  and just couldn’t resist ordering some.  And you know how it goes, it arrived, got stroked and then put away for another day.

When it came to working on the quilt, I added borders to the panel, three in total, each one wider than the last.

When it came to the quilting, I stitched in the ditch to keep everything stable and then had fun with some free motion quilting.  The flowers, butterflies and peacocks were quilted around which made them stand out.  One of the borders and looped circles stitched and the outer border was a free motion piano key effect.  I loved every minute.  Of course, the back shows the quilting so much more clearly than the front.  With the binding, I added a flange, just to give somewhere for the eyes to rest before the striped binding.

You can watch the video below to get a closer look.  Believe me, it looks so much better in real life.  I can’t wait to get it up on the wall in the studio.

 For your information, the fabrics used are:                                                                                                           Peacock Pavillion Fabric: Peacock Panel                                                                                               Peacock Pavillion Fabric: Icon Stripe, Blue                                                                                           Peacock Pavillion Fabric: Blue Floral on Ivy                                                                                          Peacock Pavillion Fabric: Small Medallions on Turquoise                                                                         Fabric Designer-Delphine Corbin for Blank Quilting


I had such an enjoyable time with this quilt and learned a lot from it.  If you are feeling in a creative rut, immerse yourself in a project with fabric that inspires you, or explore some new techniques, it’s amazing what it can do for you.